Stealing the Game book review by:sam, mms

Have you ever fought for someone you loved?

Stealing the Game by, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will show you a story about a boy who did. Chris wanted to keep his comic books and drawing a secret, but his brother wanted to know about it. So they made a deal, then he finally figured out why his brother wasn’t at college.

My favorite part was when he went to the comic store to get some comics and he found a girl from his school. She wanted him to come over and watch a movie. The reason I liked that part is because he was her first friend to ever come to her house, then they started to become better friends in and out of school. They were both shy but I was happy for them.

The life lesson in Stealing the Game is that if you work together and work as a team you can achieve anything. Teamwork makes a dream work

Also the greatest value of the book is that it shows his thought of what he is about to do so we are basically in his head. The reason I like it is because I can understand better about the book and not in the narrator's perspective. You can achieve anything. All you need is confidence and hope. People who like basketball, teamwork, and having mixed emotions should read this book.

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