Leadership Tampa Alumni 2018 Annual Review

Chair's Message

Fellow Leadership Tampa Alumni,

Taking the helm this year has been an exciting voyage and I am so grateful for this opportunity to have served as your Chair in 2018. I would like to thank the 2018 Cabinet for their hard work and dedication this past year. They have been an integral part of our organization and I truly thank them for their time and devotion to LTA. I would also like to thank the many committee members and volunteers who have helped this past year along with our generous sponsors. Finally, I would like to thank the Chamber staff, especially MaryBeth Williams, who provided so much support to us this year as LTA would not be where we are without her.

2018 had a nautical theme and we focused on the Chamber’s 2026 Vision plan by striving to provide our members with an engaged and inclusive community driven by business prosperity with our core values of integrity, inclusiveness, agility, and accountability. I want you to know that we hit an engagement record this year with over 1,000 members attending events in 2018! This is the largest number of engaged members in LTA history, so thank you so much. This would not have been possible without great events and community outreach opportunities for our members.

We had two hugely successful LT 2.0 days with luncheons, featuring key leaders in our community like Chief Brian Dugan and philanthropist, Ed Droste. All four of our Connect with Coffees were sold out, and who can forget bowling? I promised it would be smooth sailing all year long, but it took three times to get the bowling event to come to fruition. I know this event will continue to get bigger and better each year. Community outreach was amazing this year with many initiatives but the one that really touched me was when we furnished an entire house for a homeless veteran and his family.

I hope you enjoy the 2018 LTA Annual Review. The committee works extremely hard to provide this document for our members to relish the programs, connections, community development and fun we’ve had throughout the year. I’m so proud of all we’ve done.

Again, it’s been such an honor to serve you. I have been involved in many organizations, but this experience has been the most rewarding of my career, and for that I am truly grateful. I am so lucky to be in a network of such strong leaders who inspire me to be a better person. I hope to see LTA continue to grow and watch as the businesses within LTA continue to support each other. I know 2019 will be another incredible year under an incredible leader.

Thank you,

Jill Manthey (LT ‘10) – Yacht Starship

President's Letter

Thank you for your continued support of the Leadership Tampa Alumni program. As graduates of the third-oldest leadership program in the country, LTA has a long roster of outstanding members and a long-standing commitment to impacting our community. What makes LTA unique is the common bond of participating in a strong, experienced leadership program that evolves each year to be cutting edge on topics important for that period in time.

As a committee of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, LTA is integral to our mission “to serve our members and enhance our community by building business success.” Strong leadership is the key to a diverse, inclusive and vibrant community, and Leadership Tampa – and by extension LTA – is an important vehicle to develop that leadership. As part of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Vision 2026 Plan, Leadership Tampa Alumni will ensure volunteer and professional leaders are skilled at affecting community change, produce catalytic leaders and leverage its broad-based sphere of influence.

My challenge to you is to own the Vision2026 Plan. What will be LTA’s part in making the plan a success? LTA is an impressive part of the Chamber, and the support of the organization is critical for the success of the plan. Your enthusiasm makes a big difference.

Thank you for your membership and your commitment to our community.


Bob Rohrlack, CCE – President and CEO, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

2018 Leadership Team

2018 Cabinet Members

  • Crystal Lauderdale, Marketing Vice Chair
  • Chris Karlo, Membership Vice Chair
  • Ernest Hooper, Newsletter/Annual Review Vice Chair
  • Elizabeth Hennig, Community Outreach Vice Chair
  • James Judy, Programs Vice Chair
  • Amanda Uliano, Parker Wright III Vice Chair
  • Katie Dierks, Sponsorship Vice Chair

Past Chairs

  • Emeline Acton
  • William Arnold
  • R. Troy Atlas
  • Eric Bailey
  • Paul Catoe
  • Colleen Chappell
  • Brenda Geoghagan
  • Reid Haney
  • Misha Hart
  • Paul Hogan
  • Pat Holt
  • David Hooks
  • Dianne Jacob
  • Susan Lang
  • John Moors
  • Paddy Moses
  • Bob Rasmussen
  • Mark Segel
  • David J. Stefany
  • John Timmel
  • Mike Urette
  • Renee Vaughn
  • Dr. Susan Welsh
  • Henry Woodroffe
  • Greg Yadley


Thank you to our tremendous Annual Sponsors

Community Outreach

UACDC – Paint the Town | January 13

A chilly Saturday morning in January, LTA representatives met at University Area Community Development Center in Tampa. Alongside trained professionals from the American Red Cross, we broke into two teams and went door to door convincing people to let us into their homes, and installing smoke detectors at no charge. One woman had a kitchen fire two months prior, and her landlord still had not provided working smoke detectors, so we installed three. Approximately 30 smoke detectors were installed in total, along with education about how to use them and creating an emergency fire plan.

The smoke detector installation brigade included (L-R): Lance Lansrud (LT ‘15), Community Outreach Chair; Amanda Uliano (LT ‘13), Jill Manthey (LT ‘10), Kerry O’Reilly (LT ‘15), Elizabeth Henning (LT ‘13), Community Outreach Co-chair

LT 2.0 Community Outreach Day | June 22

In late June, 50 LTA members converged at the Chamber to participate in an abbreviated LT Community Outreach Day, with small groups of approximately 10 people each visiting local community partners to engage in immersive experiences. These were designed to promote awareness and dialogue surrounding topics to include: food deserts, drug addiction, human trafficking, and the transgender population.

Food Desert

In North Tampa’s “Suitcase City” area volunteers visited the University Area Community Development Corporation and experienced the challenge of shopping for a family of five with very limited income and no vehicle. This neighborhood is considered a food desert, which is defined as an area of impoverished people who have inadequate access to fresh food within a one-mile radius.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a significant issue in the greater Tampa Bay area. Partnering with the Tampa Police Department, FBI, the District Attorney’s office, local non-profit agencies, and an attorney who does pro-bono legal work for victims, LTA was thrust head-on into the issue. With a tour of where this element operates (under our noses) in this community, participants learned exactly how this is occuring, about the economics behind it, and how we may unwittingly be consumers of it.

“The Human Trafficking Day was very informative and provided great information on what all the stakeholders (DA office, Local and Federal Law Enforcement and Non-Profits) are doing on a daily basis to combat this serious crime,” said Adrian I. Martinez (LT ‘13) of EKS Group. “However, the aha moment really came during the ride-along when we realized how close to home this problem is. As TPD pointed out areas around West Shore and Dale Mabry you realize many of us live only 1-3 miles away. Another takeaway was the actions we can all take to detect and report potential human trafficking locations.”


We are slipping in the battle against the opioid crisis. In a visit to DACCO (Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office), LTA experienced a dose of reality. The opioid crisis affects everyone, in every demographic. DACCO provides inpatient and outpatient recovery, as well as housing, the location where people in recovery come daily to be dispensed a dose of medicine to help them overcome the physical component of opioid addiction.

Transgender Veterans

The transgender community is an often overlooked, and misunderstood population. Partnering with the James A. Haley VA, LTA met with three transgender persons to learn about what it means to be transgender, the struggles and challenges they face, and how to be better and more inclusive about how we relate to transgender people. When a person transitions, their families, friends, coworkers, and employers need to understand what they are experiencing and how to be appropriate, positive, and supportive; even with things as simple as what pronouns to use. Additionally, it was outstanding to witness how the James A. Haley VA supports our transgender veterans.

Thank you to EKS Group and TECO for sponsoring the day.

Operation Reveille | November 10

On Veterans Day we demonstrated our gratitude by furnishing an apartment for a homeless Veteran. LTA partnered with the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative and other state and local agencies to make a difference in a hero’s life.

LTA members, plus some friends, scrubbed and cleaned, from top to bottom including windows, a three-bedroom home for a homeless veteran and family. The group decided that there were far too few groceries and household supplies, so they went on a shopping spree to benefit the family. An amazing time was had by all.

Community Outreach By The Numbers

$780 - Gift cards collected at LTA Holiday Party, benefitting the Heart Gallery

$350 - Donated to Operation Reveille to furnish a home for a Veteran

500 - LTA Volunteer hours

38 - Articles of clothing or full outfits collected for Dress for Success or Abe Brown Ministries

30 - Smoke detectors installed by six LTA members

24 - Teddy bears donated

3 - Backpacks full of school supplies to benefit Pinellas Education Foundation

Connect With Coffee

LTA hosts a quarterly breakfast networking event for members only at various Tampa Bay area locations. Here’s a wrap up of the places we visited.

The Great Escape Room | January 11

(L-R) LT ‘19 Class Chair, Julie Serovich (LT ‘14), and Laura Frost (LTA Transfer)

Manager, Kirk Eppenstein, shared the journey, concept and fun of The Great Escape Room with LTA. The event included breakfast, tickets and tours of the venue location in downtown Tampa. We learned about the unique concept and relation to personal or corporate events.

Armature Works | May 17

LT ‘14 classmates line up for a “mug shot” (L-R) Chris Reyes, Eileen Sweeney, Susan Maurer, and Lynne Hildreth

LTA took members behind the scenes at Armature Works for this sold out event. Attendees learned about what’s next for the 14 acres that make up The Heights and enjoyed breakfast by Graze 1910.

Jill Manthey (LT ‘10), LTA Chair, welcomes the crowd
Programs Chair, Lauren Menendez and LT ‘15 classmate, Paul Huszar

American Social Bar & Kitchen | August 8

General Manager, Lamont Moir, presenting to LTA members

General Manager, Lamont Moir, shared the concept, offerings and future vision for their restaurant. The event included a behind-the-scenes tour of the venue located on Harbor Island.

Caspers Service Company | November 14

Forty-three of LTA members visited Caspers Service Company, which provides everything from food service design, consulting and procurement services, to construction and installations for equipment, décor, and seating improvements. We were fortunate to hear insights from owner Blake Casper.

Blake Casper

LTA Annual Meeting | January 23

At the Tampa Convention Center, 2018 Cabinet Chair Jill Manthey, set us sailing on a voyage to celebrate inclusion and engagement. Highlights of this annual meeting included awarding the Park Wright III Leadership Award to Robin DeLaVergne (LT ‘84).

Thank you to The University of Tampa and Cox Fire Protection for sponsoring the LTA Annual Meeting and to Mad Bear Productions for our new Parke Wright III Leadership Tampa video.

John Parke Wright IV (LT ‘82), Jim Porter LT ‘99), Robin DeLaVergne (LT ‘84), Christine Turner (LT ‘07)
LT’14 Class members – John Newman, Dawn Philips, Brian Hanrahan, Wendy Ross, Julie Serovich, Brian Carson, Lisa Razler, Bret Feldman, Renee Vaughn, Jason Woody, Susan Maurer, Jonathan Brill, Natalie Thomas, Chris Reyes, Alex Walter, Eileen Sweeney, Chris Papp
LT ‘17 Cabinet Members – Lisa Razler, Kerry O’Reilly, Michael Blasco, Owen LaFave, Amanda Uliano, Wendy Ross, Jill Manthey, Brian Hanrahan, Christine Turner, Lauren Menendez, Reid Haney, Chris Reyes
LT ‘18 Cabinet Members - Lisa Razler, Ernest Hooper, Kerry O’Reilly, Michael Blasco, Amanda Uliano, Elizabeth Hennig, Wendy Ross, Chris Karlo, Jill Manthey, Lauren Menendez, Chris Reyes, Christine Turner

Chair's Choice | February 28

Ed Droste delivered an entertaining and motivating keynote speech onboard Yacht StarShip. Ed is Chairman of Provident Management Corporation, but is perhaps best known as the co-founder and partner of Hooters Restaurants, Pete & Shorty’s, Adobe Gila’s and Splitsville.

Keynote speaker, Ed Droste

Ed serves on various boards of the Moffitt Cancer Institute and continues to serve as its Foundation Board Chairman.

Reid Haney (LT ‘96), received one of Ed’s custom purple hats celebrating “the middle third” - people who don’t align with red or blue politics.
(L-R) Curtis Stokes (LT ‘07), Betsy Hapner (LT ‘97), Aakash Patel (LT ‘12), Mark McRae (LT ‘02), Ana Wallrapp (LT ‘04)

LTA Spring Fling | March 22

Dress for Success Executive Director, Katie McGill, and Amanda Uliano (LT’13)

A record breaking 50+ LT ‘19 candidates came to the Wells Fargo Center to learn about Leadership Tampa and rub elbows with alumni. We also collected garments that benefited Dress for Success for women and Abe Brown Ministries for men. The event was sponsored by Phelps Dunbar.

Catering Courtesy of Tampa Bay Food Trucks
(L-R) Steve Wirth (LT ‘19), Jim Porter (LT ‘99), Irene Bassel Frick (LT ‘15), Lance Lansrud (LT ‘15), Outreach Chair)
(L-R) Charlotte McHenry (LT ‘19), Lilly Ho-Pehling, Yvette Segura (LT ‘16) and Keith O’Malley (LT ‘19)

LTA Reception and LT ‘18 Graduation | May 2

The 47th Leadership Tampa class graduated on May 2 at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC with many LTA members on hand to applaud their accomplishment.

The ceremony featured remarks from Rolfe Arnhym (LT ‘13) of Vistage Florida, Josh Bullock (LT ‘12) of USF and Class Chair, Leah Millette (LT ‘18) of BayCare and Chuck Tiernan (LT ‘18) of Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Greater Tampa Chamber President & CEO, Bob Rohrlack gave remarks to open and close the evening.

LT ‘18 alumnae (L-R): Jennifer Yeagley, Natalie Roberts, Nikki Foster, and Kari Goetz
(L-R) Nikki Foster (LT ‘18), Miray Holmes (LT ‘17), Felicia Harvey (LT ‘16), Gerri Kramer (LT ‘16), Kiana Wilson (LT ‘18)

Thank you to Gray Robinson for sponsoring this memorable event.

LT ‘18 Class

LT 2.0 – Transportation Day | August 24

The Leadership Tampa Alumni members who attended LT Transportation Day 2.0 on August 24 at Tampa International Airport may not have realized it, but they congregated near Tampa Bay’s population epicenter.

LT’17 Classmates from left to right, Meredith Seeley, Bel Serocki, Bibiana Gomez, Kelly Warhola, Nicole Leontsinis, Jason Grinstead, Ray Wong

It was a fun-filled and informative day. With the exception of LT ‘18, no other LT program had ridden SkyConnect or toured the completed rental car facility. LTA members got a hard hat tour of the baggage sorting facility. If you’re from the Tampa Bay area, you’re probably not renting a car. If you’re not renting a car, you may not be taking SkyConnect, and you may not see the rental car facility. TIA built it for their visitors, so there’s this huge gem that locals don’t experience. The goal was to let people see what $1 billion did for the economy and the community. Also, if you build it, they will come. Look at the transportation infrastructure that our community has invested in and look at how it’s already starting to have an impact.

Kari Goetz (LT ‘18) provides a tour of TIA to LTA members
TIA CEO, Joe Lopano

The class also had an opportunity to hear from CEO, Joe Lopano, and featured a panel discussion with Tyler Hudson from All For Transportation, Brightline Vice President Bob O’Malley and Tampa City Councilman Mike Suarez.

Conversations with Influence | September 13

Tampa Police Chief, Brian Dugan (LT ‘15)

A huge thank you to Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan (LT ‘15) who gave a candid and riveting speech at this year's Conversations with Influence at Armature Works Theater. A big thanks to our sponsors, The Bank of Tampa and Bouchard Insurance, who made the event possible.

Laura Frost, Amanda Uliano (LT ‘13) and Elizabeth Henning (LT ‘13)
(L-R) Brian Hanrahan (LT ‘14), Karen Arnold (LT ‘02), Calvin Williams (LT ‘17)
Team costume winners and LT ‘11 classmates, “The Spare Brides” Amanda Buffinton, Tiffany Jaycox Bigio, Kelley Prince, Debbie Torres

2nd Annual Bowling Tournament | October 15

Sponsored by Tampa Bay Food Trucks

The third time was the charm! After being bumped twice due to construction, 75 LTA members gathered on October 15, many in costumes, sparing their pride for the sake of fun at the newly renovated Splitsville. Our event was the first function held in the newly renovated Splitsville proving that some things are worth the wait.

Best score went to members of the 2018 Class: Nick Buchanan, Lindsay Grinstead, Jennifer Whelihan, Matt Serynek

LTA Reunion | October 30

(L-R) Julie Serovich, Eileen Sweeney, Bret Feldman, Lisa Razler, Brian Hanrahan, Jonathan Brill, Susan Maurer, Wendy Ross

This year’s LTA Reunion took place the day before Halloween so of course costumes were a must. Thank you to our sponsor of the evening and our hosts, CI Group. We had such a great turnout this year with the last five decades of graduates represented. The class with the most attendance went to LT class of 2014.

Costume contest winner was Jessica Muroff (LT ‘15). Her prize was this awesome executive chair compliments of CI Group.

LTA Holiday Party | December 5

Dawn Philips (LT ‘14) and Renee Vaughn (LT ‘93)

LTA members welcomed in the holidays on Dec. 13 at the Vault with the 3rd Annual Ugly Sweater and Tie party. Wardrobes this year went a step further with a few intrepid LTA wearing wacky onesies. More than 100 people were in attendance for this fun-filled evening sponsored by BayCare and ChappelRoberts.

LT ‘14 classmates Lisa Razler, winner of the ugly sweater contest, and Jonathan Moore.

Parke Wright III Award

2018 Award Recipient Mark House

Mark House, Managing Director and Director of Strategic Projects for The Beck Group received the 2018 Parke Wright III Award from Leadership Tampa Alumni at the group’s annual meeting on January 30, 2019. Established in 2002, the award is presented annually to a member of Leadership Tampa Alumni who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and made a significant difference in the Tampa Bay community.

Mark has a constant presence in the community through service on multiple boards. Mark is a member of The Rays 100 and previously served twice as the Chair of the Hillsborough County Economic Development Corporation, is a Board Member at Zoo Tampa, Chairman of the Facilities Committee at the Straz Center and is involved in numerous other organizations, including Leadership Tampa Chair Class of 2013 and the West Point Association of Graduates Board. Joining Beck in 1999, Mark was responsible for developing the firm’s new Integrated Services Division. In 2002, he became Chief HR Officer, where the firm was selected for various awards honoring a quality work environment, including a ranking on Fortune Magazine’s “Top Places to Work” list. In 2006, Mark took responsibility for the Florida Division, winning multiple “Best Places to Work” awards by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa Bay Times and Florida Trend Magazine, and now serves in a national role as the Managing Director of Strategic Projects. Mark made Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Power 100 List” in 2016 and was described as “the go-to guy for the introduction that could land your next big job or client.”

Mark’s message to others, which he also lives by, is to: “pay it forward with no expectation of anything in return.” For the past several years, Mark has hosted meetings for Real Estate Lives, a group focused on helping each other and others find work in the market. Mark often assists with these efforts by finding work for the participants. He also mentors numerous young leaders with strong talent within the community and at The Beck Group.

Parke Wright III Award Recipients

  • 2017 Robin DeLaVergne (LT ‘84)
  • 2016 Jane Castor (LT ‘00)
  • 2015 John A. Brabson (LT ‘77)
  • 2014 Renee Vaughn (LT ‘93)
  • 2013 Capt. John C. Timmel (LT ‘91)
  • 2012 Ann McKeel Ross (LT ‘82)
  • 2011 George Howell (LT ‘89)
  • 2010 Jose Valiente (LT ‘98)
  • 2009 Dianne Jacob (LT ‘92)
  • 2008 Deanne Roberts (LT ‘92)
  • 2007 Chase Stockon (LT ‘99)
  • 2006 Paul Catoe (LT ‘92)
  • 2005 Dottie Berger-MacKinnon (LT ‘87)
  • 2004 Gregory Yadley (LT ‘88)
  • 2003 Maj. Elaine White (LT ‘00)
  • 2002 Rhea Law (LT ‘91)

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