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Sometimes known as a Carbon Inventory, a Carbon Footprint is a measurement of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the environment by your operation. Once you have an idea of your footprint, you can take steps to offset it through our management programs.


This is prepared after viewing and assessing the hotel's facilities and operations. It also must be done before the EMS, as the management system is based on the outcome of the risk assessment.


The development of an integrated EMS is a detailed process. A sustainability policy must be written and all the components brought together and documented. Once we have visited your hotel, or place of business, and your risk assessment has been done, we have a very good idea of what needs to be done to create and implement your tailored Environmental Management System.

Our Vision

Green My Room brings together a group of people dedicated to furthering the cause of sustainability in vacation hotels, resorts and tourism businesses everywhere. Our team provides sustainability and environmental consulting services to clients throughout Australia and Latin America, we specialise in environmental management systems; energy, water and waste audits; social sustainability programs; and carbon management.

Green My Room is a registered Australian Business with many years of consultation experience in Latin America. We have two management teams, one in Mexico and one in Australia.

Our primary aim is to create and initiate sustainable development and greenhouse gas reduction strategies and to drive business and individuals to do the same.

We have experts with experience and skills garnered from the worlds of tourism, sustainable development, education and public relations to ensure that your sustainable business practices and greenhouse gas reduction strategies are effective both for the environment and your business’ bottom line, and to ensure that they are effectively communicated to staff and clients.

The Carbon-Free Zone and Carbon-Low Zone program by Green My Room is a carbon offsetting program designed for hotels wishing to reduce the impact of their carbon emissions and fight climate change. After the hotel has carried out a carbon audit, carbon credits are purchased in a certified reforestation project. Hotels that are convention destinations can offer low carbon or carbon-neutral meetings. Guests can also be given the option of participating in the hotel’s carbon reduction strategies by contributing a small per night fee in order to offset their stay.


The US Travel Industry Association research claims that there are about 55 million Americans who can be classified as ‘sustainable tourists’ or so-called ‘Geotourists’. Involving your guests in your carbon reduction efforts is a key step in encouraging growth in a tourism market segment that is most likely to appreciate and respect the totality of your environmental actions.

The marketing and communications profession sees clear competitive advantage in being green but surveys also show that a surface veneer isn't enough when it comes to the environment; companies have to be doing it and be seen to be doing it. So, no matter how small or large your organisation, there is always something you can do to go green, save natural resources, reduce your carbon emissions, and leave a better world for the next generation.

Responsible tourism starts and ends with all of us, resort and tourist alike. Hotels can play their part in conserving and protecting the natural environment by greening their business. Tourists can vote with their feet by choosing to stay at a sustainable and carbon neutral hotel. Contacting Green My Room can be the momentum you need to move your business into a responsible future.

Who we work with

The Community of Huatulco, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, is working with Green My Room to continue their sustainability efforts and start on the path towards carbon neutrality. To read more about their plans and their alliance with the Carbon-Low Zone Program by Green My Room click here.




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Sustainability Consultants for the Tourism Industry. Environmental management systems, social sustainability programs, carbon management, and environmental risk assessments.
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