Expense A look at what HURRICANE HArvey Cost Texas

Late last August Texans were left with some new history in Hurricane Harvey's record breaking rain and repair costs that they'd rather just forget.

It seemed almost as if mother nature herself felt the need to assert her reined over the gulf once again and dropped 27 trillion gallons of water, a little more than 250 times Lake Conroe, in just over 48 hours. As the torrential rains and heavy winds wiped up the coast and inland, the lives of the men, women and children in the surrounding areas were put on hold. According to the National Oceania and Atmospheric Administration and National Whether Service the resulting floods claimed over 300,000 structures, 500,000 cars, and 68 lives in Texas. 36 of which where in the Houston Metro are alone.

Chart created by Cara Young data provided by NOAA.

Harvey was estimated to have caused $190 billion in damage blowing past Ike ,$34 B, and Sandy, $70 B, and surpassing even Louisiana’s epic Hurricane Katrina, $160 B. It has been predicted that the reconstruction period could take over a decade, leaving people with a longing for what they once called normal.

Collage of homes, businesses, and major highways in the Houston area still in recovery nearly one year after Hurricane Harvey. Photos by Cassandra Lyles August 21, 2018.

Even one year later as the state recovers the memory of this storm leaves some drafty in the heart. It is so fortunate that the communities, coastal and inland, found neighbors, friends, family, and local businesses to lean on during the recovery phase some areas are still stagnating in. Faced with loss, wreckage and overall disarray, Texans are drying out and repairing their state. Pulling together as a community, to rebuilt homes, businesses and lives.

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