We will travel again! Young Life Latin America/Caribbean Expeditions

We are praying for the day when we are able to be together in person with our brothers and sisters in Latin America & the Caribbean.

While we wait for that day to come, here are some things your Expeditions group can do now to get ready to go!

  • Put your name at the top of the list! - We can reserve dates with a host ministry, block seats for plan travel, and make a tentative plan for your Expedition trip - all without incurring costs on the front end. As soon as countries are open again, you will be first on the list to go!

Keep scrolling to explore further where God might be calling you to be part of an adventure in 2021!

Patagonia Region

Countries: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

Our ministry in Argentina is looking forward to being able to welcome your Expeditions team - whether your group would like to serve on Work Crew at an outreach camp or support local ministry leaders in their city.

Plus, you'll get to enjoy Buenos Aires and perhaps even take an excursion to the incredible Iguazu Falls!


Alvo da Mocidade is the name of our ministry in Brazil. In 2020 we celebrated the 55th anniversary of reaching kids for Jesus there!

There are plenty of work projects for your Expeditions team to do side-by-side with Brazilian ministry leaders at our lakeside camp - La Fazenda!

Amazon Region

Countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela

Expeditions groups will be welcomed by our ministries in the Amazon region when travel opens up again – in the past, groups have often served as work crew for an outreach camp and then participated in an adventure to one of the beautiful landmarks this region has to offer.

Central America Region

Countries: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama

We offer many different Expeditions experiences to our countries in the Central America Region. Scroll through the following pictures to get a glimpse of what an Expeditions trip to Central America could look like for you!

Row 1 - Left: Guatemala; Right: Belize; Row 2 - Left: Honduras; Right: Panama; Row 3 - Left: Costa Rica; Right: El Salvador


Expeditions groups have been involved in Vida Joven Nicaragua for many years, and our leaders would love to host your group at La Finca, our camp in the mountains, or work alongside you doing projects that support the ministry in a city, or a combination of both!


Cities: San Miguel, Tuxtla, Puerto Peñasco

Young Life is growing rapidly in Mexico, and we would love to invite your Expeditions group to be part of what God is doing through our ministry.

Young Life Mexico


Haiti's challenges are real, but so are the joy and beauty of the people and the way God is using Young Life leaders to share with kids the hope they have in Christ. Bringing an Expeditions group to serve with us in Haiti will be an experience you will never forget.

Dominican Republic

Our vibrant ministry in the Dominican Republic is looking forward to hosting Expeditions groups in metro areas throughout the country, as well as at Pico Escondido – our beautiful camp.

The Caribbean

We currently have YL ministry in the Bahamas, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, and we're asking God to open doors for us elsewhere.

The islands of the Caribbean are beautiful and diverse, but many who live there face economic and spiritual challenges. There are opportunities for Expeditions groups to join us ministering to kids dealing with devastation from hurricanes, with finding God's purpose for their lives, and with having a group of supportive friends.

While we do not know what travel might look like in the coming months, we know that one day we will be able to be together again!

When that day comes, we will be ready to welcome you with open arms!

Contact Bruce Hedgepeth at bhedgepeth@intl.younglife.org with any questions regarding Young Life Expeditions opportunities.