Curriculum Overview (Indigenous and northern affairs canada)

  • LEARNING GOAL:¬†We are learning to deconstruct curriculum and our beliefs of what that is
  • LEARNING GOAL: We are learning to use activities to teach content
  • LEARNING GOAL: We are learning to be reflective practitioners
  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for constructive conversations and dialogue about curriculum and teaching
  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for engaged learners
  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for critical thinking, demonstrated through conversations, posts and products

York's mascot was kidnapped!

A ransom note was found and four suspects were caught on camera around the crime scene. Each one had a different marker with them when they were caught.

Develop a plan to identify which marker, and hence which suspect, was most likely to have authored the ransom note. Bring your written plan to me for approval before being given the materials to carry it out. Include a drawing, if appropriate.

Concept, Nature and Purposes
  • 7 Types of curriculum operating in schools in this model: Recommended, Written, Taught, Supported, Assessed, Learned, and Hidden.
  • Groups of 7: read a slide and think of examples of each type of curriculum in classrooms you have experienced.
  • Share your examples and engage with the connection diagram on slide 9.
  • Be prepared to share your group understanding with the whole class.
Work in pairs or small groups and record your understanding on the class Google Doc. Be prepared to share out and explain your section to the whole group. For each section, highlight several key points you and your peers need to know

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