How humans add to the atmosphere by evangeline Ellingsowthr

What are Greenhouse Gasses?

A greenhouse gas is any gas that can absorbing radiation, and trap in sunlight and hold heat in the atmosphere. By increasing the heat in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect, which ultimately leads to global warming. so the more people there are using more electricity or make or using more cars the worse it gets.

The Effect

Greenhouse gasses come from us using cars, electricity, and mostly from burning fossil fuels. All of the carbon dioxide that is released from these things goes into the atmosphere and bounces back. Since the Industrial era humans have been giving out larger amounts of greenhouse gasses, and since then the earth has started to warm and cool, but mostly warm considerably. First the gasses are produced by fossil fuels and cars. Then all the gasses rise to the atmosphere and make it so the sun light is trapped in the atmosphere and makes the earth warmer like a giant greenhouse.


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