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The Future is Now: 10 Design Predictions for 2017

Minimalist Design, I do agree with him in this point, is better to keep your layout simple and focus mostly in the content, rather then have a complicated layout, and your user don't know what is going on.

Microinteractions, does not only make your life easer as user using an application, also it tell you what is happen in real time. I think that Microinteractions came to stay for a long time, and we should appreciated it .

Video Becomes King. In my case I always liked to use dynamic layout rather than static layout, because the user interaction. I do agree with him that in 2017 the videos will be use more than it is already used.

Rich Colors and Dramatic Typography. These are the two first ones that the users will look at it, so is good idea to take your time when you are choosing them.

Basically, everything thing that he is talking about, are ideas that are already in use, and they are great. He is also right about them and their use on the future. For us designer it will be always a challenger to keep up with the changes.

How to Beat the Imposter Syndrome Feeling

I love it

The true is that self-doubts hunt me down every day, but I always try to keep positive. Is hard to don't think about it, when you are a step way from college, and you have bills to pay and you have to go find a job, but live is not ease :). About the Imposter Phenomenon, I believe is present in any type of working place, and it comes with a lack of self esteem.

The best thing that we can do is to try to develop a healthy perfectionist approach, and stop worrying to much about our capacity. Life is not that hard, we should stop trying to satisfy everybody, and try more do the right thing, because something it can be the end of your career.

All them all great advices, principally for us that are about to step in to a work place. The best thing to do is be positive, and seek help if you are having this thoughts.

Voice UIs are the next big thing in web design

Voice UIs Is already here, and it came with siri in 2011, and now we have bigs companies investing on VUIs, yes their features are limited for now, but with some time the voice UIs will replace if not all, mostly of this traditional apps that we have now days. I also believe that the VUI will not be that great in the near future, but in the long run, we probably will be just talking with your apps, and receive feedbacks.

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