Should junk food be banned from schools Gloria Merlick

Should schools ban junk food? That's a question many people debate. Eating junk food can be harmful to your body. Most people don't want it to effect their school and community by spreading sick bugs. That means schools should be banned from selling junk food.

First, junk food can lead to health problems, so if schools banned it, that would prevent many diseases and sicknesses. Research shows that junk food can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer. Did you know that 16% of children 6-19 are overweight? If schools would ban junk food that could easily decrease that 16% to a 10% it's that easy. When you gulp down a bottle of Coke or gobble up a few cookies, you may think, “it's not that bad I can easily burn all that sugar off easily.” Actually that bottle of coke and cookies is weakening your immune system. When your immune system is weak, your body is not strong enough to fight viruses or illnesses, and is more prone them. But, there is hope. If schools banned junk food and replaced it with healthier options, that could build up students immune systems and fight off sicknesses better.

Some schools have classes to teach you to be healthy like health class, but at the same time serve unhealthy and surgery treats. What is up with that? Anyone could agree that that is wrong. If schools offered health class they should also NOT encourage to eat junk food. Did you know that eating junk food actually can make you stressed? Yep it’s true junk food affects your brain and body. No junk food has protein, except for maybe some cheetos with two grams. If you are eating junk food regularly you are most likely not getting the nutrients you need. If your body doesn't get enough protein, it can get aggravated. That contributes to being stressed in school or feeling weak and tired. Also, studies show that junk food can cause memory fog, and nobody wants to forget about that math test coming up!

Healthy food boosts your immune system that is a fact. So taking away junk food will decrease your disease and sickness risk, and build students immune systems up. Students who eat healthy are more prepared to learn. Most teachers and parents know that school food is a key part of the school and students learning. Food has a huge impact on students in and out of school. Studies show that junk food can actually be addictive. Junk foods that dissolve inside your mouth can tell your brain that you are more hungry than you are, making it addictive. research also shows that the less you eat it, the less you want it.

Some people might say. “If kids liked junk food shouldn't schools serve it”? Or they might say, “if schools banned junk food, couldn't kids just go home and eat it?” Well actually to answer the first question, studies show that if you are eating a food you aren't used to, often your taste buds will get used to it and start to like it. To like a food you have to eat it at least twenty times. Finally, someone also might say, healthy meals tend to cost more and to be less appealing to students. Just because you like a food doesn't mean it's good for you especially if you are a kid and you are growing and need your body to have good food inside. Also about the $$$. Nurses, teachers, and parents make it a big priority to keep their kid from getting sick, right? Well shouldn't we put student health in front of new furniture, more buses or classroom supplies?

In conclusion, schools should be banned from selling junk food. It can lead to health problems, it affects kids brains and bodies, and finally it will decrease the schools sickness risk, And of course with make everyone happier and healthier.

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