Pretty Money is a TV/FILM project that will add a bit of spice to today's industry. The plot is surrounding 6-8 gorgeous ladies from different walks of life. The ladies now reside in Atlanta, Ga., where they engage in a intriging life of organized crime. This female gang is unlike any male mafia or crime group we've ever witnessed. Pretty Money prey on men who are engaged in life of crime, abuse or lead a crooked way of life. Each of the women have been mentally and/or physically affected by male figures in their past, which led them to their revengeful lifestyle.

Rose, a gorgeous bi-racial beauty, born and raised in Atlanta is the hands on, leader of the crew. Although she does answer to one of the most powerful, respected, and feared women in the Organizeded crime; Justice.

Justice is a beautiful African American, mid 40's, no nonsense boss. She recruited Rose after seeing her natural hustle and undeniable street savy. The remaining girls include; Shonte, Ashley, Petya, Christina, and Raven. The strrong and charismatic personalities along with the harsh experiences amongst these ladies create an exciting journey throughout the series. A drug dealer, a sniper, a stripper, a computer hacker, a model, along with two R&B divas, form the perfect group of beauties with one objective; Get money!i


JUSTICE - MID 40's, African American, female. A beautiful woman of power that puts fear in the hearts of serial Killers. She's ruthless and only caresabout her progression in reigning overthe Southeast, United States. Her reputation can be compared to the South Florida legend,Griselda Blanco, except Justice flies under the radar. Law enforcement never suspects her involvement because of her close ties with police officials, attornies & politicians.She lures people in and sics the "Pretty Money" Gang on them without malice. She lives abroad making her hard to monitor and to maintain her low profile....

RAVEN - MID 20's, African American, female. Born and raised in New Orleans, La. Very edgy and outspoken. Her childhood was filled with free reign, due to her lack of parenting.RAVEN makes her money outside of Pretty Money, by working as an Exotic Dancer.

ROSE - LATE 20's, Ethinally Ambiguous.She's beyond attractive and knows it. She's aggressive and believes she can wiggle her way into a yes with anyone. Rose is the leader of the "PrettyMoney"Gang. She's driven by a strong hate for men, that was created by her being sexually abused as a young girl.

CHRISTINA - 21 year old, African American, female. Very versatile and can fit into a suburban environment and a street environment. Christina is a senior in college that has the computer programming game on lock. Her side hustles include; hacking computers, fake IDs, by passing locks etc. Very reserved, until she's crossed.

ASHLEY - MID- LATE 20's, African American, female. Grew up in a stable household, but has been tarnished by her relationships with men in her early adulthood. Openly bi-sexual. Ashley has an artsy vibe and creative energy. (EDM/R&B singer.)

SHONTE - LATE 20s, African American, female. Good girl gone bad. Once a shy,trustworthy girl, one man woman. Her personality still leans toward the shySHONTE, but her actions show the complete opposite. Perfect at playing along the line of sexy & cold blooded.Uses music as her outlet to express her heartbreaks and bottled up emotions. (R&B artist.)

PETYA - LATE 20s, Caucasian, female. The change up in the Pretty Money GangPETYA, is a foreigner who ended up in the United States after linking up with another member while trapped in a sex trafficking rink. Her skill set is very particular, and intense. PETYA is handy with any firearm you can find. Her day job is a celebrity personal trainer.

ANGEL - EARLY 20's, African American, female. Definitely reserved and the least aggressive member. Angel is the younger sister of Raven,so she takes the higher road majority of the time. Her love for modeling included her career path,but her lack of consistent money motivates her involvement with. Pretty Money.

LAUREN - EARLY 20s, Caucasian, female.Lauren is the newest member of Pretty Money in the pilot. Stereotypical American white girl. She gets shot in pilot episode (she may possible die)

BENJAMIN - MID - LATE 40's, African American, male. (6'0plus) Drug Lord who runs 50% of the drugs in Atlanta, Ga. Very cocky and gaudy. Flaunts his riches any chance he gets. Thinks ahead in most cases, therefore Pretty Money runs into trouble when they planto rob him.

SEBASTIEN -MID-LATE 50's, African American male (6'0plus) The Fence and underground bank for the "Pretty Money" Gang ... He washes money and knows how to make high dollar merchandise into cold hard cash. He's the sophisticated OG that always has some gangsta advice for the ladies. He has a direct line to JUSTICE...

BINK - MID 30's African American Msle (6'0 plus) Bink is the Arms dealer he keeps the girls strapped with the latest weaponry. He also teaches them how to shoot and how to fight. He rocks a eye patch and a mouth full of gold Teeth. He also handles securit and protection for the "PRETTYMONEY" gang.

ARMOND - LATE 30's - Early 40's - Middle Eastern, male. Powerful millionaire that's very skeptical of every American around him. He carefully watches every move around him. Slow to speak, but quick to react.

MALCOLM - EARLY/MID 30's - African American, male. Street savvy with a dab of suburban ways. Can blend in with Bankhead and Buckhead natives. Malcolm is The Pretty Money ear to the streets.

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