Should America allow Syrian refugees into the country? by: Micaela Tovar

Syrians are fleeing from a civil war in their home country between the long-serving government and those who want them out of office. Syrians are also fleeing from a terrorist group that goes by the name of ISIS. ISIS is known for mass killings, kidnappings, and public executions. Roughly 11 million Syrians have left their homes to try and get away from the violence. 4.8 million Syrian refugees have gone to neighboring countries, 6.6 million Syrian refugees are displaced within Syria, and 1 million Syrian refugees have requested to go to Europe. The Syrian refugees have spread out all across the middle east, northern Africa, and Europe. These countries usually have many refugee camps, but only a fraction of the refugees stay there. Most of them go just outside of the refugee camps to find jobs and make a living. Many Syrian refugees want to come to America, but currently aren’t allowed to due to a ban by President Donald J. Trump. Should America be allowing Syrian refugees into the country?

America should be helping Syrians in Syria. Organizations and other groups could be created to protect, help, and provide for Syrians. These organizations should build homes for people, and provide them with food, shelter, and necessities. By doing this we can help Syrians without having to make them go through the long, complex, and costly immigration process. Also, more people will receive help if organizations are created in Syria, rather than a limited amount allowed to immigrate to America. Is there a way that this could benefit America? By helping Syrians in Syria, America will not have to worry about America becoming overpopulated by refugees, accidentally accepting terrorists, and adding to other economic problems.

When we take in Syrian refugees there is also a risk of terrorists getting into the country. But how do we know who are terrorists and who are average people seeking help? There is no such thing as a list of all the terrorists in the world. And that is exactly the problem. We do not know who the terrorists are, and they are blending in with the massive crowd of refugees. For example, Germany had let about a million refugees into their country. Ever since then, they have experienced multiple terrorist attacks. Most of these attacks have been performed by Syrian refugees or ISIS members. According to Daily Mail, the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad said, “Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West”. Assad is saying that terrorists are pretending to be peaceful refugees so that they can enter foreign countries and carry out attacks abroad. The safety and security of American citizens is at risk if we allow Syrian refugees into America.

By allowing Syrian refugees into America we end up hurting Syria more than helping Syria. By taking in any Syrian refugees the population in Syria would be smaller and weaker. Eventually, if all of “the good people” flee Syria, Syria will be a country that will be run by terrorists. Globally, the people who can afford to immigrate to America are usually the ones that have money and education, and we can infer that the same goes for Syria. But isn’t it a good thing to have educated people enter our country? Yes, but in this case, these people, or refugees, should be using their intelligence to help make an impact in their home country, Syria. These people could create groups, organization, foundations, and etcetera in Syria. They could help put an end to the war, give people shelter, and assist in other ways.

Letting Syrian refugees into America could lead to big problems. For example, people’s safety and security could be at risk. If we do take in Syrian refugees we will be hurting Syria, America, and possibly the lives of Americans and Syrians. Before America decides to let Syrian refugees into the country, we need to fix all of our problems and make sure that allowing Syrian refugees into America is the best choice for the country and its citizens. Immigration is not the cure to fixing the refugee crisis. Syrians who can afford immigration to America and absolutely want to be in America should be welcome. There should not be a ban against Syrian refugees, and America should not have closed borders. America should simply be helping Syrians in their home country, Syria. Doing this will make an impact for many people and not just a limited number of people.


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