Theodore Roosevelt Josiah Denney

Theodore had a wealthy family growing up, he was a sick, asthmatic child. His father recommended he go work out and get outside more often. This worked and Teddy was a strong young boy who liked to go outdoors as well as staying active. Theodore went to Harvard university and studied the law at Columbia. Soon he went to politics and won the New York State legislate. However, his wife and Mom died. Theodore was devastated and so he became a cowboy in the west.

To get away from the tragedy's of his home and went to the west and became a cowboy.

He explored because he wanted to help with the American-Indian War. Along with all the other "Rough Riders" that charged up to Sa Juan Hill.

Interesting facts: -He was a part of the Spanish-American War. -He was the assistant of the Secretary of the Navy -He didn't like the name Teddy -He won the Nobel Peace Prize -He had a bad eye due to an injury in a boxing match

He went to Cuba for war. He went there from 1868 to 1878.

He did sail to Cuba and back sail. That was his only voage

Theodore Died January 6, 1919

He did many things in his life and those were: Wining The Nobel Peace Prize, Winning the election, and winning the war with the Rough Riders.


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