Healer Spotlight About our founder

Park City Healers is created by Leilani, licensed Massage Therapist with 20 years experience.

Building a business that connects leaders in health and wellness with people in the community has been a long term dream, realized! We are all healers, of ourselves, our community and our world. Park City Healers will help bring out the inner healer in you! -Leilani, LMT/Owner

Born and raised in Southern California, early on, Leilani learned about the healing powers of nature, especially water. 8 years ago, when she moved to Park City with her daughter, she immediately felt embraced by the community and knew it was special. Her daughter is now a thriving High School Student and expert skier.

Over the past several years, Leilani has managed teams of therapist's at busy resorts, assisted in launching new spas, training therapists,works with athletes, worked at five star spas, physical therapy clinics, animal healing centers, events and more. Leilani has developed many friendships and relationships in Park City and beyond.

"Relationships and trust are at the core of this business. I am very grateful to have wonderful client's, who I have worked with for several years and the new one's I will meet. Grateful that they are open to the healing process, trust me enough to welcome me into their homes and allow me to be a part of their wellness journey".

"The therapists, energy workers and healers I have chosen to work with are also guided by the tenets of relationships and trust. They share similar values as I do and have their own unique gifts and talents to offer our clients".

"There are no straight path's in nature." -Tony Robbins

Leilani is licensed in several states and often travels to work with client's on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

"Snowflake's are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together."

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