Bhandup creek The mangrove city

Bhandup creek is a creek / water body which has lots of wildlife and also has many mangroves . Migratory birds such as flamingos are found in the migration season ( winter ). Birds such as egrets are found all year round.

Location on Mumbai map

Bhandup creek is located on the outskirts of Mumbai and Thane.

Abiotic factors

A few abiotic factors found in Bhandup mangroves are ... Rocks, wind, sun, hay, dust, water, marsh, wetland, salt pans, nests, a creek, sun, temperature.

Biotic factors

A few biotic factors found in Bhandup mangroves are grey heron, marigolds, trees, mangroves, ashy prinie, weaver bird, biaweaver, sparrow, crow, red vented bulbul, herons, dragonflys, jackals, egrets, butterfly, white button mangrove, black mangrove, grey mangrove, red mangrove, roots above the ground, kingfisher, green bee eater, flamingo, monarch butterfly, ibis, painted stork and dog head water snake.

Food chains or food webs

Symbiotic relationships

Biaweaver and tree = this symbiotic relationship is commensalism because the biaweaver makes a heavy nest and the tree feels nothing.

Butterfly and flower = this symbiotic relationship is mutualism because the butterfly can have food and the flower gets pollinated.

Mosquitoes and human beings = this symbiotic relationship is parasitism because the mosquito gets blood to drink and the human feels itchy and agitated.

Issues affecting Bhandup mangroves

~ humans are not letting mangroves grow by taking natural resources from the creek to make salt pans, to earn money and to make salt.

~ humans are throwing garbage in the drain which is the main source of water that leads to all the water bodies of the world so... if there is garbage in the drain there will be garbage in the oceans, seas, creeks and estuaries.

How to save Bhandup creek ?

~ put drain guards so that nothing except liquid goes through.

~Plant as many mangroves as you can, mangroves are very helpful to Bhandup creek.

A little action can go a long way

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