Soccer basic facts and joining a team


Hey you,yeah you.Come over here.Wha- you don't know who I am.I am the almighty king soccer ball.Ring a bell?No,Well than I will show you all the mythical awesomeness of the sport the myth the legend... soccer.Come on follow me.

Chapter 1: soccer ball?

Ok so anyway like I said i'm king soccer ball.Let me tell you a little bit about me and my tribe.We soccer balls aren't all the traditional black and white.That is so boring.Look at me i'm white and black, look now i'm pink and orange.Only king soccer ball's can change colors but you can buy one in any color you want, We come in so many different colors. Green, White, Purple, Pink, Rainbow, You name it!

I don't want to force you but…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE adopt one of our poor little beautiful bouncy soccer babies from your local sports shop and give them a good home. kick ‘em round, join a team at your local sport shop, ANYTHING.please.


I know what your thinking, what about school.Well

most likely your coach will have a son or daughter in school on their team so practice and games shouldn't interfere with school.Oh and always do your homework immediately before or immediately after your practices and games (teachers don't like the excuse “I didn't have time” trust me)

Homework, I know, you probably don't like, not a lot of people actually do but i personally think it's ok, not the best but ok.but YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK,I don't care if you like it or not if you don't and you’re playing for your school than you can kicked off your team and not play till your grades are back to average!!! If your not you'll get a whoopin from your parents and they might ban you from your team.

Did you know?

Not only can you get kicked from teams but you could get detention or fail school because of your bad grades

Chapter 3: Convincing starts now

Hey I know I have been a little persuasive in the past but… CONVINCING STARTS NOW. You must do soccer. Its that number one played sport in the world with 3.5 BILLION people playing. YOU can be a big help. Think about it, You could be the next big soccer star. More popular than Cristiano Ronaldo. You could be on the next big soccer collectable card.

You have to join a team or else. Or else what king soccer.Or else I will find you and hot glue you into a soccer uniform and turn you into soccer zombie.won't that fun... watch your BACK.

By: Laney M


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