Tattoos on the Heart By joey thompson

Gregory Boyle


My favorite story in preface was when Gregory was describing his life in how he was raised in the gang capital of th world . He had to wonderful parents and five sisters and two brothers. He said it was hard to find a gang where he lived. I think the message of this chapter is that all members, gangs and nongangs are just trying to learn how to bear the beams of love.

Love is a big symbol in this story because everyone wants to be loved.

God I guess

My favorite story from this chapter is this guy named Bill. He would read his father bed time stories to bed and put him to bed even though his father should be the one doing that. The message from this chapter is do what is right and show love. I think thats the theme of this story because even though he was the child and putting his father to bed not his father putting him to bed he did it anyways showing love and was doing what was right.



My favorite story that means a lot to me is the story of Lefty going up to his dad that was watching football and tells him that if he evers hit his mom again he will shoot him. I love this story because he was proteting his mom from his dad because he loves her. The main theme of this chapter is help and protection. There is many time where there was examples of protection in the chapter and help like the time Gregory was helping Carmen.


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