Hallucinogens By Ashar Armstrong

History of hallucinogens

Hallucinogens were being used for many years and they were first used for medicinal purposes. However centuries ago hallucinogens were used for religious reasons such as celebration and other rituals. Most were used by the Native American's and were found a helpful. The people of the amazon believed that it was a way to connect with the gods that they believed in. Although throughout the years scientist started to take notice of the hallucinogens.

Science Discovery

After the studying of the hallucinogens in late 18th century, scientist started to find out that the drugs actually have a effect on the human body. But the 18th century scientist did not think much of it. The drug was widely noticed in world war II. Many people believed that all these drugs sparked from the creation of LSD. It was during these times that all the hallucinogens were starting to become noticed and become illegal.

Affects of Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens could have a major affect on you over time. Actually most deaths that are confirmed are actually not caused by using them for to long. Most deaths happen when the user is hallucinating they will probably just walk mindlessly into the street. Hallucinogens affect your brain in many ways. It could cause you to change the way you think and change many habits. For instance you might not want to eat as much as you used to before. Actually sometimes when hallucinated you will not fell any pain because the drug has affected the part of your brain that makes you feel any pain. After using this drug for a long time there will start to be physical affects that occur.


After using all of the information that I received from the useful websites, I noticed that hallucinogens are very deadly for the human body. It can ruin lives and it is a very persuasive drug. Hallucinogens can be very dangerous if mistreated and should be left alone at all times as it can eventually lead to death. This is not a rather addicting drug but it could be and that is why these psychedelic drugs such as LSD or any other type of hallucinogens because these will eventually lead you to the end of your life.

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