Innocent Killings the pleasure of the government

Lester Bower was a Texas Native and executed on June 3, 2015, after he had spent more than 30 years on death row. From when he was convicted in 1983 and executed June 3rd, 2015. Bower was convicted of a murder that dated back in 1983 of four men in Grayson County, Texas. Bower admitted in meeting with one of the men, but continuously denied being involved in the killings. The evidence was very circumstantial, Lester Bower had made calls to one of the men for selling an aircraft part that Bower had purchased, and the same amount of ammunition used in the killings. The prosecutors had argued that the ammunition provided a viral connection between the killings and Bower because that type of ammunition was extremely rare. After Bower had been convicted, his lawyers had come forward with FBI records proving that the ammunition used was not as rare as the prosecutors had said. The prosecutors also missed to express information that the police had tipped that the murders may have been connected to trafficking. Later a woman had come forward about the killing and admitted it being her boyfriend killing the men and it was related to a drug deal gone wrong.

Brian Terrell Georgia Convicted 1995 Executed 2015

Brian terrell was sentenced to death Terrell mouthed the words: "Didn't do it." while the nurse looked for a vein for lethal injection. His lawyer proclaimed that none of the 13 fingerprints at the scene didn't match Brains and the footprints left being were too small to be his and there was no physical evidence that linked him to the crime. He had 3 trials for the case in the first trial ended in a mistrial when jurors could not agree on whether he was guilty. The second resulted in a conviction that was later overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court. The third trial concluded with a conviction and death sentence. His cousin was the key testimony who spent years in prison and was advised by his lawyers to say it was Brian Terrell who committed the crime to get him a shorter sentence. Terrell's lawyers argued that prosecutors also presented misleading testimony suggesting that a neighbor had seen Terrell at the murder scene, when in fact she had told authorities that he was not the man she had seen.

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