Influenza (The Flu) Relative of the common cold

The flu is a common viral infection that can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups. The flu causes high fever, runny nose, soar throat and aches or coughing. For the people that had the flu it is found to be short term lasting for a few days - a few weeks.

The flu is very easily spread as the United States has over 3 million cases a year. The flu is easy to spot and can be self diagnosed and self treatable. There is a vaccine for the flu but it is only partly preventable

Influenza vaccines, also known as flu shots are vaccines that protect against influenza. A new version of the vaccine is developed twice a year as the influenza virus rapidly changes.

You can use self care which is bed rest and throat lozenge; supportive care which is fluid replacement or just take medications like decongestant, cough medicine to help treat influenza

Influenza is an extremely contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza A or B viruses. The Flu appears most frequently in winter and early spring. The flu virus attacks the body by spreading through the upper and/or lower respiratory tract.
The common cold and flu are both contagious viral infections of the respiratory tract. Although the symptoms can be similar, flu is much worse. A cold may drag you down a bit, but the flu can make you shudder at the very thought of getting out of bed.

The flu spreads when you come into contact with the stuff someone else sneezes or coughs up. You could breathe it in, or get it from kissing. You could get it on your hands from objects like silverware, doorknobs, handles, television remotes, computer keyboards, and telephones. The virus enters your body when you touch your hands to your nose, eyes, or mouth.

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