The ‘Builders’ of Ember take shape!

We started by having a think about what jobs there would be in an underground city like Ember. From farming to doctoring, guarding to chef, building repair person to greenhouse worker... there was quite a range!

From this we grouped our ideas so we could see the range of problems that living underground would have. We thought about the scientists who built the city originally and the skills they must have had to design and build the city. We have just tried writing a mini CV as if we were one of the original scientists.

To help us imaging life in Emberitself, we tried drawing like one of the main characters, Lina. She imagines a city very different to the one she lives in and draws them.

We imagined the city from the point of view of another main character, Doon. Doon works in the pipes under the city. We used the images in the graphic novel paired with the written descriptions in the actual novel to give us our ideas.

Outside our mantle but alongside it, we had a look at the water cycle to help us understand rivers! We had a look at evaporation and condensation by heating water over frozen peas and trying to explain why we saw what we saw!

What’s going on here? Is the bowl leaking? See if your child can explain the processes behind condensation... energy and particles are two words you should hear. Just saying...

We are really enjoying the book of the City of Ember. We had a think about the word embers in the dictionary. It means the glowing remains of a dying fire. In the book! We decided Ember City was the glowing remains of humanity! Soon to go out if something isn’t done...

Next week, we are hoping to find out more about the scientists...