Number The Stars Book Diary by Emanuel


When I think of war the first thing that comes to my mind is shouts people running bombs getting drop people fighting I think that is something that should't be happening.


When I think about my neighbors I think about my one neighbor which was the nicest neighbor I can remember.

If any conflict were to rise I would help my neighbors to escape.

I think that number the stars is going to be about not only conflict but also and I think that it will be during a war.

literary analysis

Mama says," be one of many" I think this means that she wants her to be different and not like everyone else.

Lanky & Stocky

"she was a stocky ten year old, unlike lanky Annemarie"(page 1)

Based on this sentence,stocky sounds like the word stiff and lanky and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing characters looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny stocky means bulky or thickset

suffix -y relating to filled with other words messy cheesy

That everyone has to help each other and protect one another. Like they would do for the king.

They would help them hide from the soliders.


man vs himself

And now she and all the danes-were to be bodyguard for Ellen, and Ellen's parents, and all of Denmark's jews. Would she die to protect them? truly? Annemarie was honest enough to admit, there in the darkness, to herself, she wasn't sure.

man vs nature

Only now entering the woods on the footpath, did Annemarie realize how cold the dawn was. She had watched and helped. earlier, as the others donned sweaters, jackets, and coats; and she had peered into the night, following them with her eyes, as they moved on silently off, bulky

man vs society

Halte the soldier ordered in a stern voice. The German word was as familiar as it was frightening Annemarie had herd it often enough before, but it had never been directed at her until now. Behind her, ellen also slowed and stopped. far back, little kirsti was plodding along, her face in a pout because the girls hadn't waited for her. Annemarie stared up. There were two of them. that meant two helmets two sets of cold eyes glaring at her, and four tall shiny boots planted firmly in the sidewalk, blocking her path from home. And that meant two rifles, gripped in the hands of the soldiers.

man vs man


We must accept disappointment but never lose hope.

This means that would never lose hope.Even if we are disappointed.


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