Amboseli Part TwO

Boys and girls out for a stroll. Maybe a double date.
Superb starling. There are so many beautiful starlings in Africa.
Look at those eyes!
Pretty sure this is a coucal but I'm not sure which kind.. Burchell's or White crowned?
Grey crowned crane . They are so beautiful. They are the national bird of Uganda.
I like the wind swept locks....
A black bellied bustard, I think.
White faced whistling ducks.
Little egret, great egret (judging by size) and African spoonbills.
More Malachite kingfisher. Love their little feathers that shine when blown by a breeze.
Hard to tell what bird this is, but it's an Egyptian goose having a very enthusiastic bath.
More glossy ibis.
Mostly Egyptian geese and a couple of grey herons. These swamps are fed by Mount Kilimanjaro which is actually in Tanzania. What is particularly fascinating is that you can drive along the edge of the swamp and look to the other side and see dry plains with many dust devils swirling in the winds.
Baboons are always available for photos.
Vervet monkeys. Cheeky little buggers!
Lots of youngsters in this tree and they rarely were still long enough to get any decent photos.
Their little faces are black so capturing their eyes is a struggle.
Lots of zebra foals.
Playing zebra foals!
Impala, the epitome of graceful.
Hippo in the swamp.. none close enough to get any close ups.
Cape buffalo. Hard to get any decent photos this time. I love photographing their faces. They tell so much.
Reedbuck, I think. They are rather shy and hard for me get decent photos.
Thompson's gazelle
Wildebeest and zebra often travel together. It's my understanding that wildebeest eat the top and zebra ear the rest. When animals begin to die because of drought, zebra always last longer because they'll eat all the grass.
Next will be predators I think.
Created By
Nancy Lewis

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