Through Past Time

It was a rough year for my family. My mother thought of moving so that we could have a better life, and so we moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island. Coming from a town that was not like any other, it was hard for me to accommodate my new living situations.
The day came where it was my first day of school it was very hard for me to focus during class because I was afraid that I would do something wrong and make a fool out of myself. In the first month or two, I had no friends I was doing badly in school until I was grouped up with a some of my other classmates that I did not know much about. So my classmates and I started to talk and one of my classmates brought up that his friend is having a birthday party and I asked can I come.
Later on that day I got a text from my mom saying that I was invited to a birthday party, my sister and I finally got situated with a group of friends and a schedule. Going on into the fifth grade my friends and I would play football during recess and I would come know that I had gotten the best teacher and that teacher would come with me and guide me through my sixth and seventh year of middle school.
Furthermore, my mother and my sister had a fight that would force my sister leaving the house for good, the situations that were going on during the time causes pressure on me and my mother. However during seventh grade, I started to fail in the last trimester of school, this caused me to break down into serious stress. Not only could I not participate in most of my class activities because I had work to do but I would have to stay after school three out of five school days because I wasn’t completing my work.
Leading into my final year at North Cumberland Middle School and this is the most important year. My mom played a big role so far with helping me get through my final year. Every now and then I will forget and get off task and my mother is always there to remind me and to make sure that I always do the best that I can do.
Additionally, me and my mother use to be super close into we moved to Rhode Island and at this time my mother was talking to this other guy that eventually changed my mom's perspective on things completely, this meant that the way I did things was not the right thing to do anymore.
Time passed on and I slowly became use to the net set of rules, I started to create my mom and I bond that we use to. It was hard for me to get through the with thinking what is gonna happen when I come home today, so I quickly started to adapt to all the rules, chores, expectations and everything would eventually start to get better as time progressed.

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