Join The Adore Girls in Las Vegas on February 8th for a transparent, no bullshit workshop on running a successful boudoir studio and pricing yourself to make real money.

During this class we will share with you our failures, our success, what has worked and what has not. We will talk about the importance of knowing what your business is doing financially and how to analyze that information so you can continue to improve your business and achieve your goals. Other topics include: pricing, client experience, in person sales plus more.

Scroll down for a list of topics.

"The only thing standing between you and your goal, is that bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it."

-Jordan Belfort

The Adore Girls’ boudoir photography studio, which opened it’s doors in 2012, is the most successful boudoir studio in Nashville, TN - a city that is currently saturated with photographers who also specialize in this genre.

This workshop provides you with a rare opportunity to go behind the curtain to learn the keys to their success which you can then implement into your own boudoir photography business.

In the last year our studio has:

  • Increased our gross from $252k to $409k
  • Increased our Net Profit from $46k to $157k
  • Cut costs by $10k
  • Cut cost per client by $100
  • Increased our average client spend by $400

"We are all artists, but the minute you start charging for your work you must become a business person, whether you like it or not, in order to be successful. Take risks. Embrace the fear. Learn from your mistakes. Know your business and run it."

- Jamie Pfister

This workshop, taught by owner/photographer, Jamie Pfister, and her associate photographer, Courtney Bell, will give you an in-depth look into their successful boudoir studio and what you need to take yours to the next level.

Topics that will be discussed during this four-hour class include:

  • Why it is ok to make money and value your time and work.
  • Why setting goals is so important.
  • How to determine your minimum price point but design a menu for maximum profit. Worksheet and formulas included.
  • The importance of analyzing your monthly profit and loss to improve your business and achieve your financial goals.
  • The importance of simplifying your menu. We will look at the past two years of our menus and pricing. What worked, what didn't and most importantly why.
  • The psychology of sales - The importance of in person sales. Incentives, how we sell and what our clients are spending.
  • The importance of creating an excellent client experience before, during and after their session. The client experience starts on the phone and will raise your bookings.
  • Open Q&A and round table discussion.

Workshop will be held February 8th at 1pm in our hotel suite at the Aria.


February 8th @ 11am

Choose from 2 options:

  1. Vegas workshop only - $375
  2. Vegas workshop plus a 2 hour one-on-one business analysis and pricing Skype call after the class - $500
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