Should music be allowed in classrooms?

Would you love to listen to music during class time?

My answer to this would be a definite yes and for these three reasons. First of all, it can really help reduce stress levels. Secondly, it can help increase the rate of productivity and finally music surprisingly can also improve creativity.

When working on an assignment with a tight time limit. It is very easy to get stressed out and let it get the better of you. In a tight schedule there is a high chance you’ll get stressed. Music, on the other hand, can reduces that stress level. Slow classical music is the best for this, as it reduces your heart rate and blood pressure and really brings down your stress levels. When stressed is reduced productivity increases.

Imagine you were working in a loud classroom or building and you can put on a pair of headphones with calming music. You could now concentrate a lot easier and with concentration you would get maximum productivity. At half volume a calm classical beat tends to work best. Dark electronic music or heavy metal will do more harm than good when engaging in deep work. It's also said that songs without lyrics is the best form of music for relaxing the brain.

Finally, creativity comes easily when you listen to what music you like as it helps to focus and creates a good mood for your brain. Rock or bass drops shouldn't be listened to as is makes the brain lose focus. Have you ever tried to think of something but you just can't pull it out of your brain? I guarantee that if you pop on headphones and listen to a smooth calm tune you like, it will easily come back to you.

Picking the right tunes will boost your mood, concentration and creativity. In the classroom while doing assignments, this could be the difference between an A or B in your overall grade. I strongly agree that this should be put forward into schools and for teachers to let students listen to music during classroom assignments. Whilst writing this essay, I was listening to my favourite tunes and I found that it was a lot easier to concentrate and complete this assignment than if I had to write it out in a normal situation.

Brian Caffrey 23/3/17


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