Imperialism by Jami Berrett


Imperialist take over weaker countries to obtain resources, subdue enemies, become wealthy, get power and/or glory. They developed methods to take over the country and keep control of it, and its people. Some methods were very crude and brutal to the people, enslaving them. Others used different methods from this.

There is about four common types of imperialism:

  1. Colonial imperialism
  2. Economic imperialism
  3. Political imperialism
  4. Socio-cultural imperialism

Examples Around the World

China and Zambia

Chinese people are immigrating there because they are interesting in Zambia’s natural resources. There has been multiple attacks on Chinese businesses there.

The US and cuba

The US conquered and gained power over Cuba. There were many reasons the US did this, but one of the main reasons was to prevent Cuba from liberating itself from Spain.

The US and the Hawaiian Islands

The US had been fighting for the Hawaiian Islands for a long time but it wasn’t until after the spanish-american war and the use of the naval base at pearl harbor, that the US finally got formal territory and became the 50th state

Great Britain and South Africa

South Africa had many natural resources and were a very important port. Great Britain took over South Africa and had a hard time controlling it because of the distance to transport goods and trading. Great Britain's imperialist methods helped Africa and hurt Africa in many ways.



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