The Mysterious Man By: Jake JAnczak

It was a cloudy day in PotatoesVille. No one was expecting to see hail today because it was in the middle of summer. After the hail, the citizens of PotatoesVille thought it would all be over... but they were wrong.

Jimmy and Shake were having a sleepover that night. The sleepover was at Jimmy's house because they switch off. Shake was kind of a nice guy. He always take risks but sadly, they always end in a flop. William wanted to know if he can come also. Of course they didn't want to be rude so they said,"Come On Over!" William was a relaxed kinda guy. He would always take the short way out.

Jimmy's dad was a storm chaser. He was always in his brand new sports car. We all think that he is kinda coo coo because it's stupid. He's risking his life AND his sports car to look for storms.

When William got there, it started to rain HARD 🌧🌧. But it wasn't just rain, Jimmy saw something outside. They told the other two guys. It was lightning. There was lightning everywhere. After a couple of minutes, Shake wanted to go to the bathroom because he drank too much water. Jimmy told him where it was and Shake was on his way. One whole hour later, Shake still never came back. William and Jimmy were suspicious so they went to the bathroom. The lights were on, but no sign of Shake. When we they looked further, William saw blood on the ground… They both were thinking to themselves who did it. They thought to themselves who didn't like Shake. Shake was a nice kind of guy. Like in 5th grade, Shake bought everyone Burger King because it was end of school party. Shake had some enemies though. There was Harold. His girlfriend broke up with him too be with Shake because Harold was a stone cold jerk to her. So she left him and got with Shake. Ever since that day, Harold was planning his revenge. 😡😡 William was kind of a weakling so he insisted that we should lay off. Jimmy wanted to prove to William that he was the man of the house. So he decided that we should go look for him.

When they were walking on top of the stairs, all of the lights blew out. There was no source of light so they couldn't see anything. They both heard a knock on the door. Thank god they had their phone with them. They turned their flashlight app on and went to the door. When they got to the door, it was already opened. They went back to the top of the stairs and found a secret door in the house. Jimmy didn't even know that it was a secret door. They went in it and they found a bunch of paintings. They were all famous paintings. At that moment, William saw something at the corner of his eye move. It was one of the paintings... its eyes moved from one spot, to stare at them. It was so creepy so they ran out of the door. Just then, they heard Shake scream,"HELP!" He was down in the basement with someone with him. They rushed down there to help him. Jimmy brought his switchblade just in case things got a little scary. Once they saw the person, Jimmy was frightened. The person went up to them to try to cover their mouths. But Jimmy got a clean shot to cut a small part of his shirt and skin. The person ran up the stairs and out the doors to escape. They found Shake with a bloody lip and a broken leg. He started too cry and said,” Why me?!?” Later that week... the cops found the man that was in the house

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