Parent's Role in Teenage Daughter's Self-Esteem By Courtney Harris, Cortney Mayhew, Allison Sears, Danielle shirley

This program aims to improve and maintain relationships between parents and their teenage daughters, while also aiming to improve their daughter(s) self-esteem. After this course, parents will have a better understanding of their teenage daughter’s self-esteem. Parents have a huge influence throughout their child’s life, but many people believe when a child reaches the age of adolescence that the majority of their parenting responsibilities are over.

Adolescents still need their parents for a variety of things as they develop through this stage in the lifespan.
Lesson One: Self-Esteem Overview

Lesson Two: Self-Esteem Strengths and Weaknesses

Lesson Three: Adolescent Behavior and Development

Lesson Four: Healthy Relationships with your Teen


Through research and theory, we have found a need for this program, as it will improve adolescent girls’ self-esteem through the help of their parents. We hope that our program will produce the outcomes that we hoped in doing research over this topic. By the end of our program, females will have higher confidence and self-esteem, as well as, a greater parental understanding of the adolescent age group. This program will work to help parents understand the different influences occurring in their daughter’s life and ways they can help their daughters work through them.

With parents, the different factors that affect the development of self-esteem will be discussed, specifically the factors that affect adolescent girls, such as the impact society has on their teenage daughter’s self-esteem, and what they can do as parents to aid in a healthy development of self-esteem.


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