The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt

My experience at the Constans Theatre was very interesting because I never realized that I had walked passed it at least a hundred times last semester. The layout of the theatre was most definitely nice because of its size -- it was not like going to the Hippodrome. My seat was directly in the middle of the center row so I was able to see each character as they entered on stage. As the lighting dimmed, the atmosphere changed as all the students were no longer focused on each other, but all on the stage. The role that place has in the Good Life is that certain places allow your brain to engage to what is going on around you. This will allow you to develop connections to the thing or things around you.

I had a wonderful experience with my friends and even made a few new acquaintances. Before the show, I dressed up in some nice Gator attire -- My mom taught me to always dress up for plays. Attending the play with my friends allowed me to really be much more comfortable in the new place. This idea of being comfortable ties into the Good Life whenever you share experiences with somebody. For example, I went to California this Summer with my girlfriend and her family. Naturally, going to California is an experiences of its own, but for any Floridian, its a completely different world. Being there, sharing my experience with my loved ones allowed me to not only be comfortable in a new place, but also make a connection with a place. Now every time I think of California, I am also think of the ones I experienced it with.

One of the themes that really stood out to me was the oppression of the church in the 1900s. The performance inspired a few questions for me whether or not that if the Catholic Church still oppresses the arts as much as they had in the past. Just because one might disagree with an act that somebody commits, it does not justify hate. This concept can go both ways. In fact, in the play there were a couple of lines that spoke about Christianity in a negative way, which I found interesting because it was a Catholic Seminary. Why did this happen, I am really not sure, and I would even ask that to the director himself. I am very aware of the oppression from the Catholic Church in certain parts of the history. The play did not really change any of my views, however it most certainly reminded me that it is not fair to share your beliefs in a hateful way and expect people to want to follow you. The subject matter in this play does have a connection to things in my life, but not in the same way that it is portrayed in the story, rather reversed.

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Dernhardt illustrated the term that Dr. Pagán describes as katharsis by demonstrating an act of breaking free from "oppression of religion". Many college students go through this exact experience once they leave home for the first time. This is just one of the examples of "coming clean." Another example in the play is where the main character, Talbot, comes clean from the sexual abuse that he experienced when he was a young boy. This connects with many students for they may have experienced something traumatic when they were younger that has caused them grief and depression. Seeing these themes in the play may have been a resolution for many students who have been battle similar ideas, if not the same things.

Me leaving after the show.
Me sitting in the theatre next to my group of friends.
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