It Gets Worse:A collection of Essays By Shane Dawson Published On july 19, 2016

Shane Dawson the Author, Is a Youtuber who has been around making videos sense 2008. He was born in Long Castle, CA in 1988. He has released another book in 2015 called "I Hate Myselfie."
This book is a collection of essays, so each "chapter" is a new story, based in a different time. It is the same layout of his first book, "I hate Myselfie." These are stories that have happened to Shane throughout his life. This book is full of interesting and very inspiring stories. His comedy definitely isn't for everyone but he has for sure changed my life for the better. I don't want to explain any of the essays because I don't want to spoil or ruin any of his stories for everyone but they are very interesting.

A really cool Thing about this book is at the start of every essay there is a picture. Art that his fans made that was inspired by the essay. It has the fan/artists social and some background information about them. I just thought that this was a very nice and cool thing for him to do. It really shows off his fans amazing talent.

The Author's writing style: I liked how Shane had the stories spaced out into different "essays" or "chapters". It gave you time to think about the story he told and it didn't just skip out of nowhere to the next story. It was written so well, while I was reading it I heard it in Shane's voice. I really enjoyed it, I don't have any complaints. I would just want more stories if anything.

About the story: I had a really great time while reading all of Shane's stories. I have no complaints,This was written very well.

Literary Elements: Shane tells us,the readers that life has its highs and lows. But good and fun things can come our way.

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Jenna Owens

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