Science Assesment By Brody hesser

My definition of science is the study of all living and non-living things, people, animals, and objects.

One example of something science can study is plants and animals like insects or mammals and flowers like daffodils. Another thing it can study is the layers of the earth and how old they are. One thing they can't study is so called paranormal activity because there isn't any machines or other methods that can measure this activity. Another things is we can't study life on other planets because we have no evidence other intelligent life exists.

Needs of life. there are 8 things something needs to be considered living. One is the ability to adapt to their environment. Two the ability to reproduce. Three They need to have cells. Four the ability to grow without the help of other beings. Five the ability to store and use energy by eating food. Six the ability to pass on genes to offspring. And seven the ability to have homeostasis which means equilibrium or a balance between opposing things in the body like temperature.

Four structures or behaviors that are beneficial for a Grizzly bear. One structure is the long claws on their paws which they use to defend themselves, dig to find berries, and to kill prey. Another structure is the thick fur which they use to keep warm in cold weather. One behavior is when they eat a bunch of food to gain fat so they hibernate during the winter. Another is how the moms defend the cubs until they are old enough to defend themselves so that the cubs will survive
One reason we would use a model to study something is that maybe we can't physically go and study this thing. Another is that maybe the subject is to dangerous to show in person

A system is a group of organs, machines, or other such things that work together to benefit a person place or thing. Systems relate to the human body because our body uses systems of organs to benefit our body and keep our body running and healthy

These pipes are to represent the cardiovascular system or the veins and heart of the human body. I think it represents it well because the water in the pipes acts as the veins carrying blood. And the pump represents the heart which pumps blood to the veins (pipes) and the rest of the body


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