We Can Do This Together RETROFIT's COVID-19 PRODUCTION protocol

We’re here to help…

The health and safety of our crew, our employees, our clients and all our families are our highest priority.

These past months we’ve been working with our clients to find innovative and safe solutions to meet their needs in these uncertain times. We understand that physical production in the COVID-19 era can be intimidating, nerve racking and feel unpredictable. We continue to stay up to date on the latest industry white-paper and edicts issued by the various union and trade organizations, as well as our own personal experience in creating best-practices suited for each production.

We're here to guide our clients through the process to ensure safety and give peace-of-mind when it comes to a contemporary production workflow.

On Set...

Below is merely an overview of basic protocols. Each job will require unique evaluation. For detailed guidelines for each department, here are some resources from organizations that have worked tirelessly to bring us all back to work .

On Set Protocol

  • A COVID Officer will be designated for the duration of the production.
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment will be provided)
  • All cast & crew will be checked for symptoms and temperature prior to each day of production
  • A planned response is set forth if anyone exhibits symptoms
  • Workstations remain 6ft apart
  • Breaks are staggered to avoid crowding
  • All surfaces are disinfected regularly

Creative Protocol

  • Cast and crew will be limited to only vital basis.
  • Large crowd scenes will be avoided
  • Production will be conducted between 7am-10pm where possible.

Food Safety Protocol

  • All cast and crew will wash hands before handling food/drink. Masks & gloves will be required of all servers.
  • Personal wrapped meals will be assigned, no buffets
  • No communal drinks, single-serving drinks only.
  • Sit down meals will be in shifts, with everyone 6 feet apart or using dividers

Hair & Makeup Protocol

  • Hair & Makeup Crew will be limited whenever possible
  • Whenever a cast member is unmasked for Hair & Makeup, no other crew should be present.
  • Crew must sanitize and wear face coverings

On Location...

Location Scouting Protocol

  • Scouting performed virtually where possible.
  • Locations should be remote and secure to prevent access from public
  • Rental time must allow extra time needed for safety checks and disinfectant
  • Outdoor spaces preferred, indoor must have proper ventilation.

On Location Protocol

  • Only essential cast and crew near set at all times.
  • Transportation by individual car instead of passenger vans
  • All cast and crew will stay on location during the workday, including breaks
  • A zoning guideline will be created to keep crew in "pods" to limit interacting between crew members.

The Future...

Our industry has been deeply affected by the coronvirus and the protocols needed to mitigate its spread are going to be implemented and continue to evolve for the months, if not years to come. However, we consider ourselves fortunate to be part of a creative industry that solves seemingly insurmountable problems as part of our day to day jobs. We are a solutions oriented team and are ready to accept the disruption to the status quo and grow stronger together for it.

This is another challenge, but working together, we will overcome it.

For More Information, please email Chris Hanada: chris@retrofitfilms.com


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