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Journey Log 4



If I had to describe this past week of english class with one word, it would definitely be research; one of my least favorite words. The process in which i searched for information regarding the illuminati and hip-hop was the least bit efficient, spending hours on random sites that all said the same thing. In preparation for our sources activity due Thursday and our annotated bibliography due Tuesday, I needed to find more information than just a couple Jay-z lyrics and a picture of the all-seeing-eye.

And after a long time (or maybe a couple minutes) of trying to search more specific keywords, I still found ineffective sources. I then rememebered the library website Chris told us about. For some reason I have always preferred regular websites over journal articles, but the information on these articles was amazing; Hundreds and hundreds of pages of specific information regarding the illuminati, such as several theories for its resurgence in the rap game. I found this week that research is not as hard as someone can make it, and when used efficiently, can be a really fun thing to do. I am excited to start writing my paper soon.

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