BOLIVIA Capital: La Paz

By Kade Cherry

These are the common clothes in Bolivia.
This is a Chullo and it is used in the colder and higher elevated parts of Bolivia.
This is a Pollera. Girls get dressed in this for partys and traditional festivities.
This is a Poncho that Bolivian men wear. It is used as a rain coat.
Bolivia climate map

The climate in La Paz is very similar to here. It averages about 80 degrees and when you go in the shade it gets cold. In the jungle it averages about 90-100 degrees.

This is the Bolivian flag.

The red stands for Bolivias brave soldiers. The green symbolizes fertility. The yellow stands for their mineral deposits. The symbol is the Bolivian coat of arms.

This is a saltena, this is a typical breakfast served with a jugo de plata ( bananas with milk and sugar mixed in a blender).
This a silpancho, it is a typical lunch and dinner always served with soup, bread or fried bananas.
These are the Chimanes.

The population is about 11 million they cant pin point a number because there are several tribes/ goups of people unaccounted for. For example Imarans and Chimanes.

The currency in Bolivia are Bolivianos and Centavos. 1 dollar equals 6.91 Bolvianos. And the Centavos are the coins.

This is a 10 Boliviano bill.

The economy in Bolivia is very poor because they are centrally located on the continent and they do not export.

President Evo Morales of Bolivia.

Bolivia is a presidential representative democratic republic.

This is the Bolivian war of independence.

Bolivia gained its independence from Spain on August 6, 1825. It took many wars to gain independence.

This is the Aymara signography or alphabet

Bolivia contains about 38 languages and more that are not written. The majority of the people speak Spanish, Aymara, and Movima

Aymaran woman praying.

76% of Bolivia is Roman Catholic but only 34% are active. 17% are Protistant. And the rest are either Mormon or non religious.

Map of Bolivia.

Slang words

Pichu chero: ladies man

Futcha: son of a gun

Minchi: yeah whatever


Imformation and pictures used in the above report were found on the following websites and searches.

  1. Clothing pictures, climate map and information, flag picture and information, food pictures, Chimanes picture, coin and bill pictures and information, and currency convertion were Google searches.

2. Population and type of government were Wikipedia searches.

3. Some information/ and slang words were provided by "the famous" Rob Cherry.


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