Stratus clouds are in the weather of snow,rain or a drizzle.Stratus clouds look spread out clouds,it looks like a person just spreaded the clouds out.
Nimbostratus clouds are in he weather of a rain day or a snow day. The clouds look like wet thin clouds.
Cumulus clouds are a in the weather of sunny days.These clouds look like a big ball of cotton balls.
Altostratus Clouds are in the weather of snow and rain,they are normally in the night sun.
Altocumulus clouds are mid level clouds made up of water droplets.So there clouds are with rain.These clouds look like small pieces of cotton balls.
Cumulonimbus clouds are usually in thunder storms with lightning and thunder.Cumulonimbus look like big puffy cotton balls.
Cirrocumulus cloud are usually in the winter.These clouds look like little pieces of cotton balls.
Cirrus clouds are mostly summer they look like little pieces of cotton.


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