Harn Art Museum Hannah blake

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: I found "Zandvoort" by Frank Stella to be of particular interest. Even though I tried to capture the depth and dimensionality of this piece in my pictures, it's impossible to truly understand it unless you see it in person. The medium is called "mixed media on etched magnesium" but it looked more like paper mache to me. Taking a picture of it flattens the piece, making it appear much less spatial than it actually is. It is composed of large metal pieces that weave and interlock to create dynamic spaces that fall into a hierarchy of sizes, ranging from comparatively big to tiny. The medium and piece made me feel excited and energetic; the colors and shapes are all over the place as well as very bright. It's a funky piece; the bottom two elements look like legs pushing off the ground to me. The random paint patterns translate as chaos to me and the use of various planes create depth that furthers the chaotic effect.

Me with my favorite art piece.
"Zandvoort", Frank Stella, 1981.

Design of the Museum: As an architecture major, I spend a good amount of time studying space and why people like certain spaces better than others. So, it was pretty easy for me to identify a room that was most pleasing to me. I liked being in the American Abstraction wing the most. The room felt like a wheel to me with spokes as hallways that invited space in that all crashed together in the center of the circular room. Above the intersection of spaces was an exceptionally high ceiling that draws space upwards to prevent the room from feeling crowded. The artwork in the room is kind of sparse but intentionally placed. Overall, I thought this was the most well thought-out section of the museum and it was spatially pleasing to me.

Art and Core Values: I chose this piece by Sebastiao Salgado because it appeals to both my reverence for God as well as fear. The two figures look like they are worshipping or about to sacrifice themselves or doing something else deeply spiritual, but the fog and the height makes me feel scared. This piece helped me better understand my own spirituality by making me become more aware and more connected with Christ.

"A Thanksgiving Prayer to the Mixe God Kioga in Gratitude for a Good Harvest", Sebastio Selgado, 1980.

Art and the Good Life: I chose a picture of Frida Kahlo smoking a cigarette as the piece of art that embodies a good life theme because we talked about her and her life so extensively. I think that this piece represents confidence and self acceptance. In the picture, Frida looks completely at ease despite her mustache and unibrow. She is clearly not trying to hide or make herself look small because she has big flowers in her hair. You can tell she is confident by the expression on her face and the outfit she has on. This piece helps me understand how to be more accepting of myself and even how to celebrate my own flaws. While she could try to wax or bleach her facial hair, she accepts them as part of what makes her unique, which is something special that we should all try to do.

"Frida With Cigarette", Nickolas Murray, 1941.

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