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Abortion is a topic that people have many opinions on. Many people believe that abortion is wrong that the women is killing a human being and should go to jail for committing such a crime. However, abortion is no crime the fetus is not fully developed to be a human being. People should care about this because it can happen to any women that they may know. Abortion should be legal because a woman has rights over her body, she should not care for a child that was a result of her being rape, and because she is not killing a human being.

A women should have the choice to do what she pleases with her own body. By 2015 75% of democratic polls now think that abortion should be legal and that it should be the woman's choice (Bena and Swanson). Larry Wiggins once stated, “A woman has the right to decide what she wants to do with her body” (Bena and Swanson). Around the United States there has been 231 laws that are now limiting the access to get an abortion, which is giving women less freedom to do what they would like with their body. Abortion is a topic that should be settled by now since the Roe vs. Wade which allowed abortion to be legal in 1973, the government is still interfering about what a women should do in the thought of having an abortion.

A woman has an abortion because the thought of raising a child of her rapist is too hurtful for her to handle. If a woman is forced to keep that baby it will just be a reminder that she was raped that baby will be an outcome of an unwanted sexual harassment. “How hard must it be to bring up a child that is unwanted, the result of rape?” Said Miranda Sawyer in the article Don't Chain Us to Womb. Forcing a women to keep a rape case pregnancy going isn't helping, in Arkansas the rapist is allowed to sue an abortion of the girl/women that he has raped, that shouldn't be allowed.

A women is not killing another human being for having an abortion. The zygote is the fertilization of the woman's egg and the man's sperm cell. The zygote is just a single cell that then turns into an embryo which is called that until the eighth week. During these weeks the embryo is maturing into a possible human being. When the woman decides to terminate the pregnancy she is simply preventing the fetus from fully developing (Sawyer). The statics don't say what is dying they say “200,000 abortions occur each year” they don't say “200,000 humans are killed each year” because that isn't true those 200,000 embryos are stopped from becoming potential human beings (Sawyer).

Abortion should not be illegal. Not only are they taking away a women's rights but they are also forcing them to do something they don't want to. Get involved to legalize abortion, get more information about abortion at;

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