The March on Washington By: trevor klippen

Rallying is one of the most common and effective strategies for change there is, it has been used throughout history and is still being used today. A prime example of rallying is in a rally called "The March on Washington". It was very successful because of the amount of people that attended and how the rally represented the movement's goals.

March on Washington Rally

The march on Washington was led by an african american civil rights activist named Martin Luther King Junior.

This rallies goal was to bring an end to racism in america by showing how many people are fighting for it and encouraging fair civil rights. Thousands of people attended, of all races who were mostly average people who wanted change.

President John F. Kennedy

Some obstacles that arose from this march included hate groups trying to discourage people from attending. Also the current president, Kennedy, seemed to show little interest in the march even though it was having huge success due to overwhelming numbers.

This event will always be remembered because it was one of the largest rallies ever and because of Martin Luther King, with his "I Have A Dream" speech which soon became famous. over 200,000 people attended the march including all races, ages, and economic status which showed that such a diverse crowd can fight for the same thing.

In 2017 there was a Woman's march in washington

The March on Washington inspired many other rallies, including a very recent woman's march on Washington. This march took place all over the country but was mainly in D.C. it consisted of women and men fighting for women's rights.

One of the main leaders of this march was Linda Sarsour who, with others, spread the word about marching for women's rights on January 21, 2017. There was minor lash back from social media but otherwise the protest caught the attention of the media.

Rallying for protest or change is one of the most effective ways to make a difference. The March on Washington was a prime example of how numbers and diversity can catch the attention of media and inspire others to fight for change. The Women's march on Washington was influenced by the original march and achieved similar results in the end. When people join together to fight for a cause it can always make a difference in the world.

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