Insight! Towards Equal Access to Justice Story of Three National UNV at Worker's Legal Aid Cell Office

We, three UN Volunteers, worked together in a wonderful team.

Our work station was Worker's Legal Aid Cell Office situated at the premises of Dhaka Labour Court. As law students, we got opportunity of learning primary court practice working on labour law. In addition, here we got the opportunity to apply our academic knowledge.

We talked with many victims about their violations.

We got to know how people are facing challenge to get access to justice because of their extreme poverty. Low income people cannot appoint a good lawyer to fight against labour rights violators. To help these helpless people, Legal Aid Cell Office is working. To cooperate with its tremendous journey, UNV sent us to work with this wonderful initiative.

“Women workers come to our office to seek the legal support. When women worker come, we try to make her feel comfortable and ask what problems she’s facing. While talking about her problem we even help them out to prepare documents needed for court suit and provide them the adequate remedy.”

-Shemunnesa Shukla

One of our core responsibilities is

to talk to victims and empower them by providing legal advice. However, we do end up solving other legal problem of workers. One such case was when a women worker came to us for labor right related support but at the time of taking interview, we noticed a scar on her forehead. Upon questioning about it, we gradually found out that it was mark made by her husband for not paying the dowry.

An amount that is not possible her family to give. However, he still decided to marry her with hope that he could manage to squeeze it out of her. And thus, start from the first week of marriage, her tortures continued. This was not something that we could ignore and so we, along with the help of our supervisor, advised her on where and how she could seek for a solution. She filed suit from the person she had to call husband.

“We especially help women workers because somehow women trying to avoid the feeling of insecurity that they might not get their rights. We assure them to come to us for help, and encourage them to be proud of women. Women can do everything if she wants, so you should come and stand for the rights that are violated against you.”

-Tasnova Tazin

While working with labor law and policy issues, we also had the opportunity to participate in a training called Labour Laws and Rules-2015 in the Work Place, which talked about different content that revolved around labor rights.

All in all our assignment was an amazing journey

and we continue to still face different events which makes our experience a worthwhile one.

“There is your right. You entitle it. We are always trying our best to help out female workers”

-Masuda Islam

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