Infertility Allison Campion 35

Meaning: in- not, fertile- being able to have kids➡️ not being able to have kids

Infertility is when a female or male can not have biological children because of something that is wrong with their reproductive system. Which means you can either not have children, risk your life to have children (if your a girl), or have a child and possibly risk their life if they don't survive, which happens in a lot of cases.

Sadly infertility is common in 6% (1.5 million) of American women. This isn't an easy subject, so most people don't share that they are infertile because it is such a depressing part of their lives.
For treatment you can use medications, get a procedure, or receive IVF (in vitro fertilitzation). IVF is when an egg is fertilized somewhere not within your body. This can result in multiple children or may not work at all. IVF is very expensive and most women can't receive it for that reason.

Getting IVF can result in severe Ovarian cancer and the mother or baby can die if the treatment doesn't go right.

Some infertility cases are hereditary but most of them are not. Endometriosis is passed through genes and may be able to be fixed through a procedure. Endometriosis is a result of the appearance of endometrial tissue. Poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve are not generally considered to be hereditary causes of infertility

Most people find out they are infertile when they try to have kids or if they had a recent health problem that caused them to be infertile.


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