filth persists despite removal efforts Marina Engler and Eliza Barr

Despite tireless work by the custodial staff, the girls' bathrooms remain an area of concern regarding how they are disrespected by students. Photo by Eliza Barr '21.
Many bathrooms have been covered in spray paint as a way to combat the explicit language and drawings written by students on the stalls. Photo by Marina Engler '21.
Spray paint by the custodial staff, meant to cover up writing by students has been written and destructed on as well. Photo by Eliza Barr '21.
Photo by Marina Engler '21.
Drawings are not limited to just the stalls, as students have written directly on the brick as well. Photo by Eliza Barr '21.
Photo by Marina Engler '21.
In addition to graffiti, many stalls have broken appliances such as toilet paper holders. Photo by Eliza Barr '21
A big concern for many students is the lack of availability to dispose of feminine products, leaving a size-able hole in between stalls. There have been efforts by Staples students to have this issue resolved through use of petition, however no further actions have been taken by the adminstation. Photo by Marina Engler '21.
There are a number of stalls around the school without locks, an issue that has been around since the start of school, limiting accessibility. Photo by Eliza Barr '21.
Photo by Marina engler '21.