Make your Learning Meaningful Tips for Learning from UMass Amherst Student Success

College success replies of developing a deep understanding of content that allows for application, analysis, evaluation and even creating concepts by combining topics. Your approach to learning needs to match the expectation of higher levels of learning and content mastery.

Bloom's Taxonomy provides a framework of the levels of learning. Watch the short video below to explore the levels of learning and consider your approach to learning.

Do your learning strategies align with a higher level of learning?

Use the Levels of Learning tool linked below to explore your current understanding of a topic or concept. Answer the questions and set goals for learning/study strategies for the higher levels of learning.

A Learning Routine for Success

Incorporating learning into your daily habits will lend itself to your success. By previewing and reviewing material regularly, your study sessions will become more meaningful. The 'Study Cycle' offers a learning routine for success.

The study cycle is a 5-step approach to learning designed to help students become more efficient learners. It works the way your brain learns best. It reinforces new content and builds confidence. The study cycle can be easily adapted to any coursework.

Learn more by watching the video below.

Design your Learning Routine Today

Keep exploring strategies for success.

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