Greg Mortenson By Natalie CoOk

Birth and College

Greg Mortenson was born on December 22, 1957 and he was born to Lutheran missionary parents in St.Cloud, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1993.

Why did Greg climb K2?

Greg climbed K2 in memory for his sister, Christa. He climbed with one of his friends. But he got lost on the way there and his friend took his backpack with him. Finally Greg found a village and they offered tea and gave him a nice blanket. After a couple days of been stuck inside the house he decided to go outside and get some fresh air. When he goes outside he sees children learning on the ground by themselves in the cold. Greg then he asked the children why they were learning on the ground? They told them they don't have a school and that the teacher doesn't really come that much since she teaches on the other village and we can't afford to get a full time one. Soon after that Greg goes to the Chief and says I'm gonna build a school to say thank you for helping me feel better. After he talks to the chief he hiked back home and tries to earn some money for the school.


When he came back to get more money he met Tara Bishop when he was at work. When he was done with work he already knew he was in love. At the end of the evening they had dinner and he promised he would marry her. He proposed right after six days of meeting her. Finally it was time to go back to the village to start building the school after finding some money for it. Now they have 2 kids.


The school is small but very comfortable. The floors are dirt but it is much warmer than cement floors. They have white walls. On the inside they have a chalkboard and some small desks. There would probably be some classes outside for one day and some inside the switch every day. Also the kids share desks and supplies.

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