Michelle Obama

How did she become an influence on young people?

That being the first lady was a good influence for the young people because she taught them to follow their dreams and never give up.

The First Lady says goodbye

According to….(elheraldo)

Quote:"This Tuesday January 17 Michelle Obama turns 53 and celebrates her last birthday as the first lady of the United States.Michelle Obama along with her husband Barack and her daughters Sasha and Malia made the presidential home an open place for many people who admired them for their work."

According to

Quote:"I've said it before and I'll say it again. When we started this trip, we did it with an unshakable faith in the American people that the country can be changed," said the former president. "Michelle and I have been at the forefront of you.We have been the face, the voice in front, on the screen, and it has not been about us, it has always been about you.And all the amazing things that happened in these Years, leave a testament in your favor. " Obama also used his social networks to say goodbye to the American people, who for eight years believed in him. "Serving them, it has been the greatest honor of my life. They have made me a better leader and a better man.

The first lady of the united state,Michelle Obama,wanted to send a special message to young people in her last speech in the post and stressed that the country's “glorious diversity” is not a threat, since she said, it is what we are

Having been the First Lady of the United States in the last eight years “has been the greatest honor of my life”, Obama asid in tears at the conclusions Of his speech at an educational event at the White House.

Overall the First Lady and Barack Obama has changed the United States.


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