My joys in life by sierra palmer

My nephews

I have three nephews that make my life a joy. The oldest is Kevin. He loves robots and playing outside. Dawson is the middle one. He is a spunky energetic kid with a disobedient side. Every time you tell him to smile he growls at you. The youngest is Zachariah. He is a little over eight months old and a joy to be around. His time is spent smiling and watching TV.

My animals

My animals look simular to these but not exact. My golden retriever is names zahara. She is very loveable but not much of a guard dog. The chihuahua's name is tinkerbell shes the pet we've had for the longest. She is a great dog and is very loveable and part of the family. she thinks she's a big dog. I have a ball python, her name is big girl. I have another dog that i'm not sure the breed she is a great guard dog and always wants some love. My last animals are three chinchillas. They are very clean and soft pets great for kids.

my mom and sisters

I love my mom Rachel and my sister Rachelle and Shiann. My mom is a teachers assistant. My sister Rachelle works at the hospital cleaning instruments in the operating room, she is going to school to become a physical therapist. My sister shiann is about to get married and has her son Zachariah.


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