Theravada Buddhism AmanDa and carson

  • In the early centuries of Buddhism, several schools claimed to adhere to the original, unchanged teachings of Buddha
  • all the schools shared the Buddhas opposition to Verdic ritual and the Brahmin priesthood
  • of all the conservative schools, one has survived to present day; Thervada
  • the Theravada school takes it name from its goal of passing on the teachings of Buddha unchanged
  • Theravada means: (vada)"the way (thera)"of the elders"
  • even though it is said that the teachings are the same it is very doubtful that over all the years that they are unchanged
  • Theravada teachings are mostly found in the areas of Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia
  • the heart of Theravada Buddhism is in its community of monks
  • the Theravada collection
  • of buddhas teachings is called the Pali Canon
  • Pail and Sanskrit outlines the procedural rules for manastic life
  • a third collection ,developed, is called abhidhamma meaning "the works that go beyond the elemeary teachings"
  • it symbolized that the doctorine presented more or less randomly in the sutras
  • images of Buddha did not appear in the earliest centuries or Buddhism instead, artists used symbols to represent him and his teachings
  • It has gone through several growths and declines
  • Today it if the dominant religion in Sri Lanka, Mayanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia
  • Many monks run schools, meditation centers, and medical clinics
  • Monks beg for food daily in the mornings
  • People donate food to go to the monks
  • funerals, weddings, and family events are considered incomplete without the presence of monks
  • In Theravada countries you frequently see statues of Buddha
  • the language of the Theravada canonical texts is Pali
  • Pali was originally a spoken language with no alphabet of its own
  • they have four noble truth

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