Top 10 Portfolio tyler campbell

10. The portfolio that ends the class ends my list. Or technically it the last thing we do is what begins it because that is usually how countdowns are done. Going back and remembering all the things I've seen about creativity made me remember how nervous I felt the first class so now it's a bit silly because I survived just fine.
9. Content Accountability(s) were pretty stressful, but I bothered putting them on the list because I always got good grades on them. They made me feel proud of my study skills.

8. IDEO shopping cart video. I thought it was funny how it wouldn't pay until the end last time. But I thought this video was interesting because the company demonstrated an ideal creative workplace.

7. The first Speaker Series with Liz Lerman was unorthodox but memorable. It was fun to me but I know for a fact my partner crashed me into people on purpose,because I did the same :) Overall pretty cool.

6. Google video gets a spot because it actually woke me up in class when we viewed it with the vibrant colors. It is similar in demonstrating the creative P's like the IDEO video but I liked it better because it was more modern.

5. This assignment was interesting to me. It also helped me perceive my own creativity when the class agreed that my photos were similar enough. (also made me feel relieved)
4. The straw structure contest was really fun and each of my group members had a unique idea that led us to victory. It made me value teamwork even more. Bonus that we got some IA items for prizes.
3. 30 Days challenge- This project gave me a reason to create many things, and even though it is "work" I didn't think of it as such. I really liked making haikus and I discovered I was able to express some bad emotions though them.

2. Empathy Lecture-this video was honestly more depressing than happy but empathy became my favorite creative tool because it is what drives me to innovate and help others. The journal was also a decent assignment because I observed new things.

1. The best thing I have seen in the course was the golden circle TED talk. I feel it is valuable because Simon Sinek basically just tells you how to be successful in life, just like how gold is for winners. I re-watched it once the other day and it got me out of a creative slump so I feel like it embodies the vision of Innovation Academy.


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