Elevator Troubles Persist at 2019 Gloria Shields Workshop STORY BY NADIA SANBURN -- THE BUDGET: LAWRENCE HIGH SCHOOL

The Gloria Shields Workshop has brought over 700 students to the Marriott quorum in Dallas, Texas. With only four working elevators, students have faced challenges with the process of getting to their rooms. Many have opted for taking the stairs, which is, at times, faster than the elevators.

Lauren Ready a Junior from Lake Ridge High School, had issues as soon as she got to the hotel.

"Well, it was the first day, whenever we just got here, and I was just getting on the elevator like everybody else to take my luggage up to my room, and there was this huge line, and it was really crowded and packed, and you couldn’t even get on the elevator, and then, once you got on the elevator, there were tons of people in there, it was crowded," she said. "I was kind of hyperventilating, cause I was like 'this is too much,' it was hot, the elevators were slow, but other than that, I was like y’know what? Might as well take the stairs, get a workout in while I’m here and just take the stairs the rest of the time."

Many other students, including Ready, have opted for taking the stairs instead of the overcrowded elevators. She decided to take the stairs after a long wait.

"I’m really impatient with stuff like this, so I was like y’know what? Forget it, I’ll just take the stairs," Ready said.

"The elevators are honestly slower than the stairs", she said. "I prefer the stairs, they’re faster."

Sophia Kaufman, a junior from Lawrence High, says she uses the stairs way more than she uses the elevators.

"It’s exhausting because I’m staying on the seventh floor," Kaufman said. "Going down is a lot easier than it is going up, and it’s a workout."

Senior Maleah Downton from Notre Dame de Sion High School has also had a long wait for elevators.

"The longest I’ve waited I think was probably five minutes," Downton said. "It was me and some other girl here and we were waiting at the elevators, and one opened- too full. Everybody else was like 'oh, we’re going to the stairs' but we said we’re going to stick it out, we’re going to wait, we’re going to get an elevator, and, yeah, it didn’t work."

The overcrowded elevators are an issue that Downton thinks is easily solved.

"The solution is for people on the lower floors to just take the stairs," she said.

Downton's suggestion was an option suggested by the Gloria Shields . It seems to be the best option at the moment, and students inhabiting the lower floors should avoid taking the elevators unless completely necessary, to save space for others.

A twitter poll done of 11 Gloria Shields Students yielded these results.

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