Journaling and Altered Art With LivingWell Art Instructor, Cheri Hunt

Through this highly personalized project, you'll be able to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper and incorporate art into your journal ... and home.

STEP 1: Start with a basic composition book and paste or tape images and words that speak to you from greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, posters, book covers, calendars, etc., that you find around your home. Get creative with words, graphics and colors that match your style.
Here are some examples of artwork and words that Cheri Hunt found at home for her journal.
STEP 2: Once your journal front and back cover is personalized, you can "seal" it with clear packing tape.
STEP 3: Fill your journal! To help, Cheri suggests using journal/word prompts, and focusing on one each day. Her latest "Table of Contents" includes the words: Blessing, Reflective, Embrace, Abundance, Isolation and Decompress. Use these words or others to express your feelings and emotions on your journal pages.
STEP 4: Once you have written about each prompt, pick one that really stands out to you. Create a piece of art around it. Cheri chose "Reflective" for her project.
For her project, Cheri used pages from a book and splashed them with color and stencils. She also cut out images and words from magazines that resonated with her.
She took her clippings and painted papers and cut out pieces to make "hair."
Cheri's hair coming to life!
Cheri took it another step further and used tea bags to create her "face" for self reflection.
She created eyelashes with words that held meaning to her.
Cheri's face coming to life!
The finished project. A beautiful piece of art—reflective of the artist!

This week, challenge yourself to create a journal from a plain notebook and use Cheri's journal prompts to start writing. Next week create a piece of art from one of the prompts!