Integumentary and nervous Systems By Jais and James... Period 7...

The Function of The Integumentary System is to protect your body against disease you get from just being outside. It also regulates your body temperature. It works with the Immune System to help protect your body. The Nervous system relies on your skin to help feel the outside world. The circulatory system has capillaries throughout the skin to help with the blood flow. It also works with the digestive system by absorbing nutrients to then give to the capillaries which flow throughout the body. It also Works with the Muscular system for support and the endocrine system for the sweat glands which help you regulate your temperature. The Integumentary system also relies on fats and oils to make the protective oils for our skin and hair. Important Organs of the Integumentary System are the Skin. The Skin Consists of many layers Like the Hypodermis, the dermis, and the Epidermis. another organ is Hair, which are made of lots of tiny strands. The nails are also part of this system. A Slogan for this system is: 'Integumentary keeps you Intact and Hairy'.

Diagram of the Integumentary System, You can see the layers of skin, hair, veins and arteries, and nerves.

Nervous System.

The Nervous System is the system which feels the outside world. It detects heat, pain, coldness, and more! The Nervous system relies on the Integumentary system in order to have nerves which can feel those things The Nervous system has nervous cells that come to and from the brain. The nervous system consists of the brain spinal cord and sensory organs as well as the organs that connect it to the rest of the body. The major organs of the nervous system are the nervous tissue, the brain, and the spinal cord. Sensory organs, like eyes and taste buds, get the signals that travel to your brain and then they are felt through your body.


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